Holiday tech gifting 101

(NC) — Technology tops many wish lists this time of year but it's not always easy to decipher how to choose just the right device for that special someone. Tablets are a particularly hot item this season and one way to find the right tablet is to think about the interest and hobbies of the person you want to give it to. Consider the following:

The gamer: Gamers are looking for one thing: performance. To pick the best tablet option for a true gamer, ensure that your choice is fast and responsive enough to keep up with them.

The movie lover: If you're choosing a gift for someone that's obsessed with watching movies and TV shows on the go, choose a tablet that will give them an amazing media experience. There are tablets available that feature powerful and vibrant visuals to give users the best viewing experience possible.

The social butterfly: The social butterfly is on social networking sites at all times. If your gift recipient is a social media fanatic, they need to have easy, seamless access to their favourite tools and simple, fast web browsing. Pick a tablet that's known for compatibility with apps and quick search capability to win them over.

The worker bee: When looking for the right computer for the busy worker in your life, make sure that long battery life is a must-have on your list. A tablet that has extended battery life can make a big difference when they are trying to work on the go, attend numerous meetings and stay on top of email, without having to plug in. Another option would be to consider 2 in 1 devices that offer the fun of a tablet with the productivity of a traditional PC for the optimal user experience.

No matter what category your loved one fits into, finding a tablet with a good processor is an important indicator of the quality and performance you can expect from your tablet.

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