University grads more likely to get jobs -- New Study

(NC) -- The deadline for university applications is fast approaching, and anyone helping teenagers decide what to do after high school should consider this: university graduates have the highest employment and highest incomes of any level of education.

A new report showcasing survey data of Ontario undergraduates and released by the Council of Ontario Universities (COU), shows that more than 87 per cent of recent university grads had jobs six months after graduation, with 93 per cent employed within two years.

Six months after leaving school, the average salary for university undergraduates is $42,636 and that rises to $49,398 just two years after graduation.

The survey of 2011 graduates conducted for Ontario's Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities also shows that university grads say they are using the skills gained at university on the job. Almost 83 per cent of graduates employed full-time considered their work to be closely or somewhat related to the skills developed at university. That rose to almost 89 per cent two years after graduation.

“A university education is still the best path to a successful career and well-paying job,” says Bonnie M. Patterson, COU President and CEO. “It's well worth the investment and graduates can rest assured they will leave university with the skills they need to move from career to career as the job market changes.”

Erin Kang graduated in 2011 from University of Toronto's Urban Studies Program for which she completed a placement at the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI). Just a few months before graduation, Kang landed a permanent job at CSI.

“My academic focus was community development and neighbourhood resilience,” Kang says. “Now, I'm working in that very field and loving it.”

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