How to buy the right smartphone as a gift

(NC) -- There's no doubt that smartphones rank at the top of most Christmas wish lists, but choosing the right device can be time-consuming when faced with so many choices and new technology.

Stephanie Lancaster, a tech expert and 'data girl' for Rogers, recommends focusing on the key features of a smartphone when choosing a device for that special someone. 

“Canadians are passionate about their smartphones, but with so many devices out there it can be hard to choose which one is best for you or your family,” says Lancaster. “Whether you're looking to play music, update social networks or stream movies, each smartphone has key features that are bound to impress your loved one this holiday season.”

From the long list of this year's hottest smartphones, Lancaster provides her top gift picks for the tech enthusiasts on your list. For the:

Entertainment junkie: If they can't get enough of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the latest blockbuster hit, or live streaming hockey games, look for blazing fast smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 that can keep up, so your loved one can watch, listen and stream without any annoying buffering delays.

Music aficionado: The HTC One (M8) is a 5-inch device that delivers massive sound. Dual front facing speakers with built-in amplifiers combined with bass-to-treble balancing software means distortion-free, sharper, richer sound for the person on your list who's always wearing earbuds. If they really want to stand out, get them the HTC One (M8) in the amber gold colour, available exclusively at Rogers.

Rugged outdoor type: The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is specially designed for use in harsh environments and extreme temperatures. Dust, water, shock, and vibration are no match for this smartphone. It's best suited for someone with an active lifestyle or a demanding job.

Social media enthusiast: Windows Phone 8.1 Live Tiles brings social media updates to life, making the Nokia Lumia 635 a colourful device not to be missed for the social media enthusiast on your list. They'll never miss a post when they can see all of their chats, social updates and settings with just one swipe in the Action Center.

Budding photographer: If your loved one is always snapping selfies, the LG G3 is their ideal companion. The screen illuminates and provides a soft light over their face to help them look their best. A feature called Gesture Shutter helps them master the selfie with a hand gesture that activates a 3-second countdown for the perfect selfie, every time.

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