Coronavirus: 5G lowers immunity and destroys health

In recent times, the mainstream media alongside some top tech companies in the world, have worked hard to suppress the widely held belief that the coronavirus is just a cover-up for 5G deployment and that 5G installations have created the coronavirus; however, they have done nothing to deny the fact that the 5G technology indeed lowers immunity and destroys health, as reported on many news outlets including Wired.

Instead, as the world sits at home, eagerly awaiting the containment of the present pandemic, reports continue to surface about government activities involving the alleged installation of 5G towers at various publicly funded facilities including public schools, all of which are temporarily shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There has never been a more perfect time to install these technologies in public places away from the wondering eyes of parents, teachers and public workers. Fortunately, the public has still somehow spotted these nefarious activities and have begun to protest and resist the installation of these facilities in their neighbourhoods.

According to Alex Jones of Info Wars, more research should be done to find out more about the correlation between 5G radiation and the COVID 19 virus however, this research is never going to happen.

Why are people awakening right now to 5G?

The mainstream media has vehemently denied the claim that the 5G technology creates the coronavirus and the government alongside top tech companies have done everything to discredit this claim including banning any news outlet that propagates this claim. However, it is public knowledge that even though COVID 19 might not be created by the 5G technology, the technology indeed lowers immunity and exacerbates the spread of the virus. The public is beginning to wonder why the government has gone ahead to install this technology despite reservations by many scientists.

Radiated Viruses Have a Bigger Effect

The coronavirus, whatever its origin is made stronger when it comes in contact with the radiation that's emitted from 5G towers. According to Mike Adams,  founder of Natural News, speaking in an interview with Alex Jones; 5G exposure potentiates the coronavirus and its ability to infect cells. Adams insists that 5G exposure causes voltage potentiated ion channels in the cells and changes the porosity of cell membranes, allowing things to be pushed into the cells that don't belong there.

So in the context of a highly infectious virus that invades cells, the presence of 5G can work as a biological weapon, as seen in certain cities that have the 5G technology, such as Wuhan and Guayaquil.Adam maintains that it is no coincidence that Guayaquil which is the epicentre of the virus in Ecuador has 5G towers installed in their city, so does Wuhan which was the epicentre of the outbreak in China.

Adams refers to a phenomenon called electrophoresis, a general term that describes the migration and separation of charged particles (ions) under the influence of an electric field. Electrophoresis ensures that if you pass a current through your body, it changes the porosity of the cell membranes inside your body. He describes this using a popular science stunt where college students would get drunk by having electric voltage passed through their fingers, pushing the alcohol right into the cells and making them about 5 times more drunk than they will ordinarily be with the same amount of alcohol. This is the same way that the 5G radiation worsens the effect of the coronavirus causing people to face a much higher health risk in locations where the 5G towers are situated.

Scientists have been warning the world about the dangers of 5G technology. While some countries have heeded this warning, others have mindlessly embraced wireless radiation and the harmful effects of EMFs and are unleashing 5G on innocent unsuspecting citizens.


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