How to Thrive Working From Home in 2021

About a decade ago, the idea of working from home was completely foreign and seemed downright impossible, but thanks to the advancements in technology and remote work, it’s now the norm for many people.

The worker and the workspace of the future is going to have a digital component and it’s going to be a requirement for both businesses and individuals to be prepared for that. One of the most important ways to future-proof your career right now is to seamlessly adjust into working from home - not just working from home as a means to an end, but actually thriving and being highly productive.

Many people over the last year have started working from home, but it’s still a struggle for some of them. It’s not because they don’t have the ability to work from home, it’s more that certain pieces need to be put in place to allow them to do their best work from anywhere.

We can be successful anywhere if we do all the right things. If you’re wondering how to optimize your life so that you can work from home more effectively, here are the key areas you need to focus on and improve.


The in-office environment had its own built-in accountability. There was a boss keeping an eye on us, deliverables that kept us on task, and even technology that helped us get things done. In the remote world, we spend our time on our own and that accountability can feel less potent.

This is where our own inner accountability comes in. We have to be able to stay on top of what we need to do and know that when we slip on those things, we let the whole team down and most importantly, we let ourselves down.

When we remember that we are contributing to a larger goal and that we are part of a team that will help hold us accountable, but we truly have to remember that what matters is our own personal integrity. That’s what will make us thrive working from home.


The biggest challenge that comes with working from home is the need to be completely focused in an environment filled with distractions.

We have to ignore the temptation to stay in the comfort of our warm beds, and the constant beckoning of the TV, streaming services or our gaming consoles so that we can actually be productive.

Focus is a skill we not only need to master, it’s a habit we need to build into our daily workflow. There are going to be days where willpower alone won’t allow for focus and that’s where our daily activities really need to kick in. The first and most simple step we can take is to curb the distractions.

  1. Get out of bed and make your bed so you aren’t tempted to crawl back in
  2. Put your phone on silent so that notifications don’t take you out of flow
  3. Switch off the TV and anything else that could break your concentration

A powerful measure we can take is to use music and technology to help keep us focused and productive. Invest in a quality pair of  bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds so that you can totally zone out of everything else and zone into your work.

Create a playlist of the songs that help you concentrate and turn it on when it’s time to get in the zone so that your brain automatically switch into work mode.

A Video-Worthy Workspace

In the first iteration of working from home, all we needed was a space to sit and do our work. Now with video calls, video podcasting, and even virtual speaking and events, our workspace has to actually look good on video.

If you’re in a job that requires you to present and speak, you will need an attractive background, and good lighting to make sure people can see your face clearly.

Even though we’re not seeing people in-person, that video component still creates that connection and relationship. You also look more credible and serious about your career when you put in that effort.

We’ve entered the age of remote work where it’s not just about getting by, it’s about actually being highly productive and doing your very best work.

There was a moment where a lot of people thought this was just a phase, and that we’d be back at the office, but the trends show that it has become an almost permanent arrangement.

We have to turn our home-based working space into a productive environment that can sustain us for a long-time. By taking the right steps, we can create a home office that rivals the fanciest and biggest offices, and we can become better professionals.

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Yunas Chaudhry is a super-connector with AYC Web Solutions who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, Photography, branding and networking. He frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses his efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry stainless steel tongue scraper and competition.


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