Content Management System: Canadian Company outdoes WordPress

Content management systems and their utility value have grown in importance for all sizes of businesses. Many business owners are repeatedly asking themselves if they have the right CMS working for their business. Many had employed WordPress for its ease of use, but now the focus is shifting to additional flexibility and Agora Publishing, a Canadian Company, has come out with its own CMS that has outdone WordPress.

The first thing that the business establishments want to do is to employ open source software so that they can continuously do some improvements to the platform to adapt to new technologies coming out on the internet. But, WordPress has its limitations as the elementary functions cannot be enhanced whenever the need arises. The days of one-size-fits-all solutions are now slowly coming to an end.

Certain niche companies like publishers and media newsprint organisations are aiming for technical expertise to cater to the growing demand for flexibility. They are not content anymore by the plain blog or brochure kind of sites.  Agora Publishing’s Content Management System will help such companies create customised and complex sites that may require scalability and complicated organisation of content. This software will provide many answers to the probing questions of several companies. It is already being used by Agora Cosmopolitan and Le Canadian.

The CMS by Agora Publishing will have dedicated developers as well as the user communities. Paid support will also be possible from the third party sources like the consultants and the designers. The system promises sustainability on a long term basis. More details can be gathered by visiting the site, or email:


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