Why Drake Is the Talk Of Toronto

TORONTO – Now that Drake is arguably one of the biggest stars in music, obviously no one is worried that Toronto won’t ever see one of their own accepted on a mass scale. But with Drake’s success, a new fear within the city’s subconscious seemed to bubble. Drake’s doing it big, but will he get so big he forgets about his city and it’s communities?

Just over a week from Take Care, Drake jumped on Flow 93.5 recently, and spoke to Toronto about Toronto and it’s people, places and memories. Twitter feeds were as active as ever with @Drake mentions as he spoke candidly about old girlfriends, Torontonian’s Jamaican accents, “Headlines” video, missing home and the making of his new album. Throughout the light discussion with Flow personality Hadi, Drake shouted out everyone from The Weeknd to Bishop Brigante to old babysitters to the very website you’re reading right now. But whatever the topic, his message was the same: “I love my city.”

From 8-10pm, Drake made everyone paying attention to him, pay attention to the people around him. In some ways, tonight’s interview felt like a victory speech. In others, it felt like a leader speaking to his followers. “I do this for us…the whole world is watching us,” said Drake.

In addition to the Drake billboards in downtown Toronto (which Drake said he’d like to rent for a year) and his appearance at King Of The Dot on Saturday, his comments tonight went one step further in showing Toronto just how hard he’s repping. While totally understandable, it is interesting to note that Drake went from proving to the world that they should love him on Thank Me Later to proving to his city he loves them on Take Care.

Drake’s from Toronto. If you don’t know, now you know.

Internet site reference: http://www.hiphopcanada.com/2011/11/why-drake-spoke-to-toronto-blog


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