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What Controls Nature?

In our everyday experiences we control nature. As humans we are responsible for controlling our environment. We are the “whos” that control nature but the question is what controls nature? We are the “whos” that control nature from following the “whats” that naturally controls nature. So, “what” is literally opposing our quest to conquer nature.  

In the common experience randomness takes an exceptional role in determining what the “whats” are telling nature to do and often the answer is that god controls the “whats” so that we can have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  However new breakthroughs in cosmology and theoretical physics show that “whats” can and must control themselves through a fundamental logic. Two rules must be obeyed by nature the conservation of information and the principle that energy can be neither created nor destroyed.  So really the only things truly controlling nature are information and time because it is not possible to have kinetic energy without time.


What is information? In principle no one truly knows. There are many theories but the most mind boggling ones are those that use information as a particle itself inside a black hole.  Even here nature finds a way to conserve information by using the holographic principle. This logic permits even the worst conditions to conserve the information by allowing it to crunch into fundamental bits which remarkably concludes that surface area controls the outcome of the black holes information. Most would consider the volume having an important part in determining the organization of information, called the entropy, of a black hole. This is why the logic of the holographic principle is considered important in determining the entropy, or organization, of stuff in the universe.


What is time? This is another question that fundamentally has no answer. In modern theory, time can be ultimately entropy but it is possible to see that entropy does not exist without those bits of information. Time has a fundamental limit related to Einstein’s work on relativity which states that it stops when gravity becomes strong enough to trap light. There is also another limit to consider which actually translates time itself as little bits so small that atoms do not even notice the interval like units of fundamental time ticking by. 

In essence there is a quiescent meaning to the dance between Mother Earth and Father Time as truly the logic and interactions between information and time are the “whats” that control nature.



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