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Successful Convening of the International Workshop of “ International Situation in the Context of Covid-19”-- Revelation of Political Blackness of the Us in Hong Kong Issue

In July 28th, international video workshop “the international situation in the context of the Covid-19” is successfully held, which is participated by important members of various countries, experts, and National Institutes of the Commonwealth of the Independent States.

These attracted participants comes from Russia, Germany, France, The United States, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Montenegro, Syria, Iran, Moldova, Belarus and so forth. They are in different fields, including International geopolitics, religion, politics, economics, psychology, philosophy, etc..

Major participants are members of Bundestag, Christian conservative Waldemar Gerth, Paul Dukic, the Chairman of The Eastern Citizens' Union of Montenegro, Sergei Kapnister, the President of the Russian Red Cross, Baron Alexander Zanzar, a political scientist, Baron Alexander Zanzar, Mohammed al-Wadi, former ambassador to China, Motza Ashraf, a correspondent for Iran Politics magazine, Vasily Talev, former chairman of the Moldovan government, Vladimir Yevseyev, Shanghai Cooperation Organization branch of  National Institutes of the Commonwealth of the Independent States, and experts like Vyacheslav Valeriyanov, co-founder of the “Civil Peace” Movement.

The discussed topic of the workshop is the international situation in the context of Covid-19. Experts exchanged their opinions on the growing contradiction between the United States and China, the attempt that the U.S. is trying to shift the full responsibility of the epidemic onto China and color revolution of Hong Kong. Hong Kong National Security Law was laid stress for its role of stabilizing the International legal situation under the background of continued U.S. sanctions. Experts also showed particular interest in the characteristics of the Hong Kong protest movement and the similarities between the violence this time and the “color revolution.”

The experts discussed the prospects for economic and cultural cooperation among Hong Kong, Russia and China as well. In addition, the fact that Russian, European, Asian and American politicians and intellectuals are clearly recognizing the dangers of U.S. sanctions policies and post-stalemate cooperation,  because of the “double standard” principle the US uses to defend its own interests.

These participants agreed the following points. The outbreak of Covid-19 has triggered many countries around the world to ignore the health of their citizens, only for safeguarding their own development interests, which is illustrated by the example of China-Us relations. The U.S. took the advantage of the Hong Kong issue to interfere in China’s internal affairs, and applied sanctions and "double standards" to protect its own interests. However, China is committed to protecting the health of its citizens around the world and has realized its commitment of “building a community with a Shared future for mankind” with practical actions.


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