Canada Announces Removal Of Canadian Citizenship Preference

Permanent residents of Canada will now be given equal consideration in the hiring process. This is likely to lead to an increase in diversity in the public service ranks. The general opinion states that the rules have changed for the good.

The Canadian federal government has announced that they will give permanent residents equal consideration in the hiring process. This is a huge decision as it will increase the diversity in the different public service ranks.

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There is likely to be an increase in the number of people applying for Canadian citizenship. These salient points need to be borne in mind when looking to opt for Canadian citizenship.

  • Should you fail to send acceptable proof that guarantees the fact that you have adequate knowledge of either English or French, IRCC may return your application.
  • Those who had been Canadian Armed Forces members are eligible for a special fast-track application process.
  • Those willing can choose to opt for Residence Calculator as this will help you determine if you have lived in Canada long enough to be eligible to apply for citizenship. If you do not meet the required number of years, the calculator will let you know when you will become eligible to do so.
  • Minors don’t need to meet all the residency requirements. During the birth of a child, if any of the parents holds Canadian citizenship, the child will already be a citizen-based on their date of birth. There is a certain criterion that, if met, will make you eligible to be deemed as a citizen of Canada.
  • However, if you have recently been in prison, on parole, or are on probation, or even if you are serving any conditional sentence, you cannot become a Canadian citizen. Even those who have been charged or convicted of an indictable crime or have a deportation order, are not eligible to apply for citizenship.

Applying for the Canadian citizenship

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The Citizen Act had come into force in late 2017 and ever since then, citizenship applications have become much easier to process and are also faster. The eligible applicants need to pass the test that is conducted for the sake of Canadian citizenship and they may also have to sit for an interview before a judge. Once the interview is approved; the applicants then need to attend a citizenship ceremony wherein they take the citizenship oath. Post this, they are officially recognized as Canadian citizens.

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Dual citizenship

Canada recognizes dual citizenship and so even after your application has been approved by IRCC, there is no need to relinquish one’s natural citizenship.

The rights and responsibilities

Once the Canadian resident has been conferred Canadian citizenship fully, they will gain all rights and responsibilities that a natural Canadian citizen has.

As per the new regulation, it is important to add that there will be one significant and the main difference between the permanent residents and the citizen. This difference will come in the form of voting right in federal, municipal, and provincial Canadian elections, and also the elimination of various residency obligations.

Appearing for the test

There are certain criteria one needs to meet to attend the citizenship test. They are as follows:

  • You must be an adult between the ages of 18 to 54. However, if you are above 55 then you need not appear for the test but can go for the interview.
  • If you are below 18, then you cannot appear for the test.
  • Any minor between the age of 14 to 17 without any Canadian parent or if your parents are applying for citizenship, you may attend the interview but need not appear for the test.
  • Minor below 14 years without any Canadian parent or parent applying need not appear for test or interview.

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What is on the test?

The key purpose of this test is to ascertain your knowledge about Canada. There will be a set of 20 questions that will mostly question about the rights and responsibilities that Canadian citizens have. The questions are going to be related to the following categories.

  • History
  • Geography
  • Economy
  • Laws
  • Government
  • Symbols

The test questions are available on any of the study guides for official Canadian citizenship. This test will not by any means assess your skill in the English/French language.

With these details, it should be easier to prepare and apply for Canadian citizenship and subsequently get approval. Those who would like to get more details about the new rules and Canadian citizenship program should make it a point to thoroughly understand these points and then proceed.


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