Reviews: Why Men Break-Up During Holidays

American-based NBC reports that there are certain times of the tear when men are more likely to split up with their girlfriends – usually, it’s at Christmas or Easter. What gives?

He’s been thinking

But he didn’t get around to it right away. Once the holidays came around, he had more time to think things through and sadly, you’re on the losing end of his deliberations.

He doesn’t want to introduce you to his family.

If a guy brings a lady home to mum for Christmas, it’s bound to cause a lot of interest in the family. In fact, it won’t be long before they’re asking when the wedding’s going to be. He’s not ready for a relationship that serious yet.

And the same goes for his friends and workmates

There are going to be lots and lots of parties. Taking you with makes a statement and friendly people are going to ask him where the nice girl he took to the Christmas party is. If he’s not serious, he might prefer to ditch you.

He’s a cheapskate

And he’s definitely, definitely not serious about being in a relationship. Why spend money on a Christmas gift if he’s thinking of dumping you anyway? A guy that’s in love is going to be thinking about that gift long before Christmas – and he’ll get it.

His New Year’s resolution: a new girlfriend

It hasn’t really been working for him and maybe he’s spotted a girl that he thinks might suit him. Alternatively, he just wants to be available if one turns up.

Of course, all this adds up to a guy you don’t want to be seriously involved with either. Maybe you’re not ready for serious involvement. A few hot dates from Flirthookup and Xcheaters might suit you better for the meantime.


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