Changes How You Date Online

Dating online can be a real pain. It can be a hassle and you can find some real creeps out there. Most dating sites like OK Cupid or Plenty of Fish are pretty generic and ask the same boring questions over and over again. Are you tired of letting a questionnaire be what determines your match percentage with someone? Are you tired of having to worry about what percentage match you are for someone to even talk to you on these dating sites? Would you like a change? Would you like a dating site that gives you more of the local singles in Ottawa? You can have that finally with

Much like most of the online dating sites that are around today, this one is completely free to use and sign up. is a website that looks at expanding friendships of those who meet on the site. They want their dating site to work more like a growing social network where people can sign up and meet friends and perhaps begin a new relationship.

One of the great things about this dating site is that they hold events for the members to go and meet each other. The site has many events and has held a few these past two months that focus on Healing Energy and Meditation and Indian Cuisine Lovers. These events are a great way for men and women to meet not only new friends, but perhaps a new lover. These events help bring people together with very similar interests.

The other great thing about is that they have groups on the website that you can join. This can be an easier way to meet people with similar interests as yours. These groups are great to join if you are having trouble talking to people on the website as openly as you would like to. They help those more introverted people become a little more social.

The awesome thing about this website is that just by looking around on it, you feel like you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Reedit. It is set up to be a social network. Yes, it is also a dating site, but it has so much more to it. You can post funny videos and pictures and even have an open dialogue with your new friends on the site. People can view your profile just as they would on Facebook and they can message you without having to pay fees or worrying about a full mailbox like on other dating sites. is a great place to meet new friends especially in our busy lifestyles. You can meet up with friends for an hour meditation or you can bond with new friends over your love for Italian food. The possibilities are endless. You can even post your own event so that you can meet more people off of the site that live in your area. This site is ideal for singles on the go!


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