Singles Guide to First Dates

For those who’ve either been single for some time or recently come out of a long term relationship, the thought of entering back into the dating scene causes mild heart palpitations and sweaty palms. For so long you have been surrounded by the romantic gestures of others and all the cheesy reminders of how important society seems to think being in a relationship is - and it’s taken its toll. You feel like love is a cliché, but you also can’t help but feel the effects of FOMO - we know the motions you’re going through, and we also know that you’re toying with the idea of whether or not you should at least be TRYING to find the man or woman of your dreams. But, the thought of first dates and awkward encounters drown out your thoughts and catapults you right back to spending time with your cats. ONLY. And forever. We understand the stress - we have all been there. And that’s why we’re here to give you a little hand. Dating really doesn't have to be this big scary thing hanging over your head - and especially not after reading through our guide to first dates!

Date Ideas:


A first date should be fun! The last thing you want is for it to be stiff and awkward because that’ll just make you want to be swallowed into the core of the earth. So, in order to avoid this, choose a date that involves some sort of activity so that even if you run out of things to chat about, you’re at least DOING something cool (it softens the blow, trust us). Paintball will also teach you about your partners team-working skills and will give you an opportunity to bond over your game-play, your paintball game play, that is!

A Picnic Under The Stars

If either one of you is a hopeless romantic, then this is the perfect date idea! Just picture rolling out a blanket in a secluded area, with wine and snacks on hand - and chatting and laughing (and maybe kissing) under the stars until all hours of the night. This is like something out of a movie - and while it may sound cliché it definitely makes things less serious, but oh so cute and romantic. Which is a win-win for both of you!

A Traditional Dinner For Two

Some people like to go traditional and book a candlelit dinner for two at a fancy restaurant; and we think it’s a great idea - but only if you know there’ll be a good conversation flow. Dinner for two means sitting face to face in a rather formal setting, and as you probably know, it has the potential to put the pressure on when it comes to chatting. But don’t be put off by the idea. ‘Dinner for two’ has worked for many happy couples and it will forever be the ultra-traditional way to date. (You may just want to read up on our conversation starters before you book). It’s a pleasure!

A Hike

A hike is a great first date idea, especially if you know your date has a keen interest in nature, and/or fitness. Most people enjoy going for a stroll in a beautiful place, so there’s no reason why your date would turn up their nose to this - (unless they care more about their hair falling out of place, or their makeup sweating off their face - in which case you should probably reconsider the date anyway).

A Comedy Show

They say a way to a woman's heart is through good humor - so instead of feeling like you need to pull out all the stops and play comedian for the night, why not just take her to a comedy show? And if you’re the girl going on the date, what better way to spend an evening than to be entertained by someone who tells jokes for a living!

Play Mini-Golf

A first date is a first impression - and a lasting one, might I add. You want to ensure that the date is fun and memorable - and the best way to achieve this is to do something light-hearted together. We believe mini-golf is a fantastic first date idea as it not only challenges each one of you as you try to bag a win, but it fuels banter (which usually comes from overconfidence followed by poor-aim) as well as laughter and cheer when one of you strikes a hole in one.

Conversation Starters:

•    Have you travelled? - and if so, what has been your favorite destination thus far and why?
•    If you could invite any 5 people in the world to dinner, who would they be and why?
•    What are you most proud of?
•    What would you like your future to look like?
•    What do you value most in your life?
•    What do you do to relax?
•    Are you being morning person or a night owl?
•    What are your thoughts on feminism and gender equality?


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