Scoping The Landscape: The Newest Trends in Dating

The art of dating has come a long way these past few years. While love will certainly never go out of style, convenience has changed the scope of dating and continues to do so well into 2018. You might still remember the days when the only way to really get into dates was to go out and look for them yourself (whether in bars or clubs) or work up the strength to ask your crush out in school. Now, online dating dots the landscape, and it’s become easier than ever to find a match.

Taking online dating more seriously

Some people will claim that dating has become muddled and oversaturated over the years. This is due to the fact that online dating is currently the most popular way to go about looking for your match. Many people aren’t too happy because it’s far too impersonal and disconnected. However, this is exactly why the online landscape is changing and seeing new trends. People are becoming far more open about how they want to get into a serious relationship, which means that dating in the Internet age is finally starting to grow into its own.

Using social media as a dating platform

There are many different apps out there that you can use which are specifically catered to those looking for dates online. A good example would be Tinder, or perhaps Bumble. Everyone using these apps know that they’re looking for an online date, which makes it easier to find a proper match. However, because many are starting to look for more serious relationships online, the dating scene is evolving to include more traditional social media platforms. This includes Facebook and Instagram. Whereas before people normally wouldn’t think to use them as a foundation for online dating, more and more people are warming up to the idea.

How dating apps are changing in response

Just as social media platforms are beginning to expand into the realm of online dating, apps specifically designed for online dating are also expanding to accommodate business. It won’t be unheard of to find people who are using dating apps to find the right person to have as a business associate, the same way that people are beginning to use Instagram or Facebook to search for that special someone. The current trends of 2018 have everyone becoming more open-minded about what these apps and websites are doing for us, with building connections still being the primary function.

This means that you’ll find people in online dating apps not only looking for a possible romantic partner but also a partner in business. It might seem strange, but dating apps are often some of the best ways to find someone you can work with - which is in some ways quite similar to looking for a date. After all, you’re still looking for a meaningful relationship either way.

The rise of video dating in today’s dating apps

With the online dating landscape constantly shifting and changing, the technology of our smartphones continues to evolve and make progress, making it easier for us to connect with each other than ever before. This has led to the rise of the video dating trend. You’ll find dating apps like Coffee Meets Bagel, or even Hinge already starting to make use of this simple but revolutionary feature.

You’ll often find more traditional people complaining that chatting and texting with someone isn’t a good start to online dating. However, now that video dating is gaining more and more traction, even those who aren’t too fond of the idea of online dating are beginning to see its use. Now through the use of dating apps, you can have a video chat with whoever you’re eyeing, allowing you to see for yourself exactly who you’re dealing with before you take the plunge and go out for real.

This not only makes it easier to make an informed decision whether or not you should go out with a person, it also makes it much easier to form connections with people online. You’ll be able to see them, speak and laugh with them like they were in the same room, which makes online dating more convenient than ever before.

Samples of some of the best online dating apps of today

With online dating making significant headway in 2018, it’s only natural to want to know what the most popular dating apps are on the market. Here’s a quick and easy list to get you started straight away:

  1. Hinge. While the current trends in online dating involve the swiping left to right that people have grown accustomed to with apps like Tinder, Hinge tries to make it more meaningful by focusing on interesting conversations. Opting for a more detailed profile, you’ll be able to place as much or as little as you want to try and find your significant other.
  2. OkCupid. This dating app, in particular, has gained a great deal of traction since its inception, and it boasts a very large user base because of it. It also has an incredible amount of tools to make online dating much easier and continues to make updates and improve the online dating experience.
  3. PlentyofFish. There are some apps out there that concentrate on quality and a more personal experience. This app, on the other hand, tries to keep things more simple - and instead gives you a nearly dizzying array of possible companions. PlentyofFish has one of if not the highest number of users in the dating market, giving it an edge over the competition.

To conclude, there’s no doubt that the online dating market will continue to improve and expand over the years. However, what’s incredible about this is how it’s expanding. It’s not necessarily growing out of convenience’s sake like most other industries; it’s growing and evolving to become much more meaningful. You’ll find that as more people get into video dating and as social media platforms begin to accommodate online dating as a whole, that it will only become richer and attract even more of a following than ever before.


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