Top 10 Strategies Toward a Blissful Relationship

In recent times, it feels like people have forgotten how to maintain a relationship because they simply feel like love is enough is hold a relationship together. People get into relationships and get out as soon as they get in. Here, I highlight some tips needed to build a healthy and blissful relationship with your partner. These tips have personallyworked for me, my parents and my friends. So, I’m pretty sure they will help you maintain your love life and keep it all spiced up.

  1. Open Communication

Communication is the number one key to keeping a happy relationship. When a couple lack communication, they do not know things in-depth things about each other like what they want, what their goals are, what makes them happy, what their partner did that they didn’t like, and so on, and then they go ahead to make assumptions, which most of the time usually hurts the  relationship. 

  1. Praying

A couple that prays together stays together. Prayer helps to increase the bond that exists between couples. Regardless of similarities or differences in religion, a couple should pray together.When a couple go down on their knees to pray to the being they serve together, it signifies that they both acknowledge there’s a great cause for being together and they’re willing to commit to it. Their union will be blessed and together, they can overcome all obstacles placed in their paths as one, United.

  1. Understanding

Each individual should always understand their partner’s needs and point of view. Understanding requires patience and resisting the urge to jump into conclusions. Let your partner talk and just listen. Objectively try to understand what they’re trying to say and where they’re coming from.  

  1. Don’t forget the little things

Little things matter. I always say this! If your partner needs you to pick some milk on your way home, do not forget to do that. If they told you something, don’t forget it. It means that you’re paying attention and everyone loves someone who pays attention to what they have to say. 

  1. Spend Time Together

Always spend alone time with your partner. When you spend time with them, you get to have a deeper understanding into who they are and how they think. Go on vacations together, go on dates, go to the cinemas, just do anything that gives you time with them.

  1. Never Go To Bed Angry

Most people do not understand this but it is very important. When there’s a conflict, never go to bed angry at your partner. It’s okay to have healthy fights and arguments but they should be resolved almost immediately. When you go to bed angry, the anger doesn’t subside, it builds up and it can cause damage to the relationship.

  1. Trust

Always trust your partner 100%. When you trust them, you feel a sense of enclosure with them. If someone comes to tell you that your partner did something you never expected that they’ll do, do not believe that person until you talk to your partner and hear what they have to say about it.

  1. Always Show Affection

If your partner didn’t want affection, they wouldn’t be in a relationship with you in the first place. People say showing affection makes you look weak but that’s very wrong. Showing affection is a way of letting your partner know that you love them and you’ll always be there whenever the need you.

  1. Respect Boundaries And Privacies

Respect your partner’s boundaries and their privacies. There are sometimes they just want to be left alone not because they don’t want you but because they need to be a better person for themselves and also for you.

  1. Make Your Partner A Priority And Not A Choice

Always treat your partner as a top priority on your list and never make them feel like they’re an option. The moment you start making them feel like an option, you’re telling them that they’re not important to you and they’ll automatically raise their guard around you.   


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