5 Clear Signs your Marriage is Over

Marriage can be such a blessing. There are so many memories that are built by two people during this time that we are sometimes blinded and neglect to see that the relationships are coming to that inevitable place. If you are still unsure about whether or not your marriage is in danger, check out our 5 clear signs that your marriage is over:

  1. You live together, but act like roommates—if you have been living together, but the living situation has dramatically changed from mostly intimate in the early days, to mostly co-existing, you might be in trouble. Even though intimacy slows down after some time together, there is no reason it should disappear. All intimacy, such as cuddling, eating together, going on dates, and sex are all equally important for a relationship. If you have found yourself sleeping in separate rooms (for any reason), and spending less and less time together, there is something definitely wrong.
  2. You look forward to doing things by yourself or with your friends more than your SO—this is a big one. If you can picture yourself doing exciting things (such as traveling abroad, or going out for a fancy dinner), and having fun with people other than your SO, your relationship is on the rocks. The reason we marry someone is to share these experiences with them. Wanting to have new experiences without your SO really requires a thorough contemplation session. Try to figure out why you feel this way, you might be surprised at your response.
  3. You spend days without much communication—have you found yourself asking what your SO has been up to lately? Are you unsure what to answer when your friends or co-workers ask how your SO is doing? If so, this is a definite red flag. If you’ve gone days without knowing some of the details about your SO’s whereabouts, you seriously need to take a look into your marriage. This is a clear sign that you two are really not communicating, or spending any time together. Nothing should keep you from communicating with each another.
  4. You annoy each other—when you do spend time together, do you get along? Another tell-tale sign about the situation of your marriage is the quality level in the communication you have. If most of your talks turn into arguments, passive aggressive comments, or flat out screaming sessions, you must analyze your situation. A relationship consists on working through your problems, not battling each other to prove a point. If this is happening in your relationship, you really need to put your annoyance and anger aside, and try to find a reason and a solution. You might have to face that you cannot reconcile your differences.
  5. You have found yourself being interested in other people—this is the ultimate sign that your marriage has crashed. When you go to normal places, such as getting coffee, or the grocery store, and you heavily checking someone out, you know you’re no longer as committed to your SO. If you flirt with one person for an extended period of time (even if it’s innocent), you have already moved on. At the very least you are ready to potentially move on. If you are going through something similar, try to find an answer as to why you feel attracted to other people. More importantly, ask yourself how attracted you still feel to your SO. These answers will be very revealing to you.

Finding out that your marriage might be over can be very difficult. However, finding out early enough, you might just be able to get through it without dragging it out. Try to be as analytical and realistic as possible when you think about your marriage and the questions you have about your doubts. Following your questions will lead you to the answers you so desperately seek.


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