Online Conversations, Keep yours Going!

In the world of online communication, conversations can die out as quickly as they light up. Keeping the attention of someone you have met online can be difficult at times, but knowing when it is worth keeping it going is also important. The top reasons why your communications seem to go nowhere are to be kept in mind at all times. With these tips, you will drastically change your communication logs online!

  1. Lay it on thick — If you want to keep a conversation going with your online crush, and really crave attention, flattery will get you everywhere. If your intention is to really get a conversation going, respond fast, and lay it on thick. Compliment them on their latest post, tell them how good they look in the picture they posted, mention how good that shirt looks on them, and keep the momentum going. If your crush is talking to more than one person, this will be key in keeping their attention.
  2. Ask good questions — In order to keep a conversation going, you should avoid a “yes or no” question. Try asking open ended questions about their day, or about their job. Respond with things that might make them want to ask you more questions about your daily activities as well. For the more daring, racy questions about dating preferences and dates is a great option. Some might even go to racier terms turning the conversation into a steamy train. Hey, if you really want it, you gotta grab it, right?
  3. Ask their opinion — People enjoy giving advice when solicited. If you want to keep your conversations going, try asking for advice… on anything. Ask them which lipstick they think looks better (and send a pic!), ask them what they think would be a better work out, or an option for lunch, a new restaurant, literally anything will work. The good thing about this is you can totally pick up another conversation thanking them for their advice and letting them know how well it worked out for you.
  4. Talk about things that genuinely interest the other person — People love to talk about themselves. If you are really interested in this person, ask about their favorite activities. Read a short article about their favorite activities and talk to them about it. Make suggestions, or ask advice about them. They will surely go on a roll and keep the convo lit up.
  5. Remind them you are there — If the conversation has seemed to fizzle out, send them a small reminder that you are still there and willing to communicate. An emoji, or a small “what’s up” should be enough. If they do not respond, then you might have lost your chance. Try to revive the conversation with a question, any question. Once they respond keep the momentum going!

When your conversations seem to be going nowhere, don’t be afraid. Remember, you are talking to someone online, so it’s not like they are actually going to see your reactions or what exactly you are doing at the time. If you want to keep your online chats going, ask the right questions, and lay on just the right stuff, and watch your conversations keep on rolling!


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