Agora Books: Canadian Publisher Empowers Authors With Good Editors

Self-publishing has fast become the most preferred publishing choice for aspiring authors. Unlike traditional publishing, authors have complete creative control over their content, marketing and even pricing.

However, despite the relative ease that self-publishing brings, quite a significant number of self-published books are quite terrible.

“Again, because the barrier to entry is so low, the majority of self-published books are pretty bad. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say less than 5 percent are decent and less than 1 percent are really good,” said David Carnoy in a article.

One major contributing factor to this is bad editing, as any book that is poorly written and structured, badly proofread, formatted and filled with errors and typos is bound to perform terribly in sales.

Luckily, Canadian self-publishing platform Agora Books provides authors with unprecedented quality control and checks on all books to ensure that only the best is made available to the public.

Quite a large number of authors who are new to self-publishing evidently get so many basic things terribly wrong. However, increasing the success rate of your book requires a lot of planning, preparation and good old-fashioned hard work before placing it on the market.

Due to the lack of diligently following this process, a lot of new authors become disappointed with self-publishing when book sales start plummeting. Boasting of an array of experienced editors, Agora Publishing has successfully launched the works of various authors by providing expert editing services to match industry standards.

“The line between proofreading and editing can be fuzzy, and many prospects, particularly on bidding sites, will give your text only a cursory look,” noted Quora contributor and author, Michelle DeFilippo.

“Self-publishing companies, that should be avoided for a hundred other reasons, are notorious for editing manuscripts overseas, where non-native English speakers run the text through a grammar checker.”

However, unlike other editing platforms, Agora Publishing is always ready and willing to help identify flaws in your book and provide the necessary assistance to turn your idea into a best seller.

Their team of seasoned writers will ensure that your book retains the same voice or style in the original manuscript, while ensuring that it carries the same rich look of a  bestseller produced by a corporate trade publisher.

While anyone on the internet can claim to be an experienced editor, Agora Publishing has been in business of creating successful self-published authors for over 15 years. Therefore, for writers who possess amanuscript which they believe has the potential to be a commercial success, Agora Publishing will ensure that you’re well equipped to push out a perfectly produced and edited self-published book, based upon its tremendous experience and community-focused ethic.

No one would want to purchase a book that contains numerous grammatical errors and poor sentence structure—as it can be extremely distracting and a major turnoff to readers. That’s why self-publishing platforms like stand out from the rest because of their commitment to ensuring that your work is of top quality.


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