5 Reasons Professors Should Choose Agora Ottawa to Self-Publish Books for Courses

College professors have for quite some time been told, by their Universities, to publish or quit.  Butwhile many colleges around the world are still running their publishing presses, only a few like Oxford, University of Chicago and Cambridge University are, for the most part, seen as profitable. The rest heavily depend on their universities to support them—yet Agora Publishing, and self-publishing platforms exist to save the situation.

The emergence of self-publishing has helped multiply the circulation of books, which for now stands at around 1,000,000 books per year. So, is there a case for university professors using this new publishing avenue instead of their underfunded university presses?

Here, below are four significant reasons why professors should use Agora Publishing -

  • Agora Publishing is great because professors are able to control their intellectual property and hence avoid the bureaucracy of universities. This is critical for professors as it enables them to fulfill their innate desire to inform their students and readers with their unconstrained intellectual knowledge. 
  • Professors are also able to get personalized support to help in the publishing processes. Agora publishing is able to help professors in this regard by offering a free publishing orientation service.  This helps professors better understand the publishing process—as you know; publishing is really not their forte.
  • Agora publishing is also able to assist professors with pre-marketing services—which is very critical for any published book’s success. Pre-marketing services include, but is not limited to, book cover design, ISBN registration, CIP registration, TV commercial style YouTube videos, book promotion websites for authors and social networking preparation.
  • Once pre-marketing is complete, Agora Publishing is able to help professors with production assistance which includes manuscript evaluation consulting, professional editing and book printing.  Agora publishing has access to on-demand publishing where copies of books or magazines are printed as per demand. This prevents the need to produce books in large quantities—which results in boxes of surplus copies in warehouses and stores. Surplus books means money is tied up that might not be recouped ever. 
  • Publishing would be wasted if no book distribution is done.  Agora is able to get books distributed to major online booksellers.  Agora does facilitate all this and more. Finally Agora also helps with book marketing which includes book publicity and advertising placement services.

So, while some professors are likely to argue that their students benefit indirectly from the investment in University presses—because they are better informed and the fact that the same publishing house teaches them—it just doesn't add up. Martin Weller, a professor at the Open University in the UK, mentioned in his blogexternal prestige is probably the greatest factor” spurring academics to chase book contracts rather than publish their work.

So visit Agora and self-publish your book professionally and with the kind of human interaction not available through other self-publishing organizations like Amazon.


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