Hope for women: Pills to boost libido coming soon

Having trouble in rising to the occasion will no longer be a problem in women because currently a test is being carried out on two new drugs that are meant to treat female sexual dysfunction. According to where we are heading, in a few years time, there may be even a version of the little blue pill for women.

There have been clinical trials being carried out in both Netherlands and U.S. by a Netherland’s company called Emotional Brain where they are hoping to present their findings to FDA soonest possible.

According to their findings, there are two major causes of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD); this is among the diagnoses of low sex drive in women. Low attention to sexual cues is one of the things that lead to HSSD. In other words this is where a person looses interest in sex.

The other situation that leads to HSDD in women is maladaptive sexual inhibitory mechanism which is increased inhibitions that are usually as a result of bad experiences with sex. This is according to the chief medical officer for the Emotional Brain study, Henrik Rasmussen, MD, PhD. He says that erectile dysfunction in women is more complicated than in men and therefore it has been a bit difficult to find a treatment for it.

The two new drugs which are meant to work differently in treating the two causes of HSDD contain testosterone for boosting libido.

Lybrido is made using both testosterone and sildenafil which is a drug that is used in Viagra to boost the flow of blood to the genitals, is used in treating women with the condition of loss of interest in sex, says Rasmussen. This medicine works by increasing the flow of blood down there and psychologically it amps up testosterone to increase libido.

The second pill, Lybridos is made using testosterone and buspirone which is a drug that is used to treat anxiety. This is meant to reduce inhibitions about sex in women and is recommendable to women whose issues are as a result of bad experiences in sex. Rasmussen says that if testosterone was given alone, only libido will be increased but it will be blocked because of the bad experiences.” This way full benefit of testosterone are reaped.”

The pills are taken orally by dissolving them under the tongue and works between one to six hours after they are taken, says Rasmussen. There are no side effects from long term use of testosterone and the fact that women can boost their libido exactly when they want it, makes them even more interesting. According to Emotional Brain’s website, they anticipate, the drugs will be available for use as early as 2015.


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