The Adult Entertainment Industry: Are anime camgirls the next step in digital sexuality?

Have you ever watched anime pornography? Whatever your answer, cartoon porn is becoming increasingly popular in this digital age.

While big butts and big boobs were the rave in the adult industry during the early 1980–2000s, statistics now show a tilt in porn consumers’ preferences. Modern-day digital technology has made it possible for us to create fantasy worlds based on our imagination, and now, the porn industry has leveraged this to create sexual content.

Today, there’s a lot of excitement about hentai—the Japanese term for ‘unusual’ sexual desire—and millennials, in particular, are digging into it. Hentai has various subgenres of manga or anime, though not all manga or anime contains sexually explicit content or pornography. However, for anime porn, popular themes involve exaggerated versions of humans, non-humans, aliens, lolicon, bestiality, sex organs, and much more. Some even feature popular pop culture cartoon characters.

According to statistics from PornHub, the world’s largest porn website, the term ‘Japanese’ became the most-searched word on the website in 2019, withthe most popular category being“hentai.”In aninterview, Dr. Leon Seltzer, a psychologist and medical blogger, said he believes that hentai's popularity is due to the unlimited sexual fantasies it gives to viewers.

“The erotic illusions possible are freed from all the normal constraints of reality. It can heighten the illusion that our libido has now landed in the most idyllic place possible,” said Dr. Seltzer.

Twenty-five-year-old Eva, who is a huge fan of anime porn, agrees. She says live porn movies that involve humans are not very flexible, and there are limits to what can be shown in terms of positions and scenery, but that is not the case with anime porn.

“For example, there’s a subgenre [called] tentacles … women mating with alien tentacles. It would look wrong in a real movie because it would just be CG [computer graphics],” said Eva in a report.

The history of hentai can be traced back to the 1970s, but the present-day depiction of anime porn and manga came into the limelight in 1984. Lemon People, a manga magazine, was one of the pioneers of the perverse hentai we see today, launching one of the first erotic hentai series. Lemon People released Lolita Anime, which consisted of six unrelated episodes of erotic anime depicting young women having sex with older men.

Though Lolita Anime was never released outside of Japan, it began the trend, which eventually spread into America. Toshio Maeda—popularly known as one of the founding fathers of modern-day hentai—launched the very first tentacle rape anime and popularized the La Blue Girl genre.

Now, anime porn has continued to grow in genres and fan base. Projekt Melody, designed by the animator Digitrevx, is allegedly the first hentai camgirl in the world—another growing genre in anime porn.  Like real webcam girls, Melody stripteases, taking off her very skimpy top, revealing what she fondly calls her “big ol’ anime titties.” Her videos garner wide reception, with over 200,000 views and lots of fans showering her with heart-shaped and drooling emojis.

Melody’s appearance, speech, and physics are rendered in real-time with popular videogame engine Unity. Projekt Melody has swiftly become a multiplatform phenom, with the character having a strong presence on YouTube, Twitter, Patreon, and even PornHub. She has also made cameos in music videos and multiple appearances on Japanese talk shows.

Early this year, Melody made an appearance on Chaturbate, a popular explicit cam model website, and in just three days, the avatar garnered over 10,000 followers.

Anime camgirl porn has become popular among digisexuals—those who express their sexual identity through technology—and unsurprisingly, many digisexuals are hardcore fans of Melody. According to Reddit user xhumanist, Melody caters to the fantasies of a growing part of society: people—particularly males—who satisfy their sexual and emotional urges through the digital world rather than real life.

Melody has recorded significant success because anime camgirl porn might be the future of digital sexuality. However, the technology required to power anime camgirl porn fully is still in its early stages. Nonetheless, a huge game-changer in the anime porn industry and digital sexuality in general would be a truly autonomous AI, says xhumanist.

Apart from being available 24/7, she could privately chat with millions of different men simultaneously, something that real-life cam models would never be able to handle. While it might be difficult for some to imagine switching from real women to pink-haired, bright-eyed cartoon characters, there are many benefits to virtual avatars—from the fetishes to perfect bodies and the nostalgia it brings.

The birth of anime camgirl porn will only spark more interest, and it is only a matter of time before more webcam studios and streaming sites capitalize on this trend.


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