How lucrative is webcam modelling? Bongacams model shares her experience

The past year came with a lot of unprecedented events especially with the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. Apart from the heightened level of anxiety, many people were left to find alternative sources of income as businesses were forced to shut down due to intense lockdown measure in a bid to mitigate the pandemic.

The adult entertainment industry has been booming since the pandemic began with record-high traffic on most pornography websites. However, one platform that has been slowly taking over is adult webcam sites. The feeling of watching a live model performing is a lot more satisfying and exciting than watching prerecorded porn videos, especially with many people stuck in isolation.

Now, most adult models use camming platforms to offer various services—either private, regular or free shows—to their audience; and with thousands of cam girls to choose from, the options are more than surplus. But each website offers its own unique features to both models and subscribers.

One common question that many potential webcam models as is “how much do camgirls really make?”. It is quite a logical and fair question to ask, especially since many actresses in the adult industry seems to have embraced it. Speaking in a report, an adult webcam model from Washington state in the United States, Emma, reveals just how much she makes offering services on BongaCams, a popular adult webcam site.

Emma promotes her services majorly on Instagram where she is very active with thousands of followers. According to her, she earns on average $25,000 monthly and in one recent post on Instagram, she showed a check for $28,296.03 which she made in one month of working as a camgirl on BongaCams.

This shows just how lucrative being a webcam model can be and considering the average monthly salary in the country is way less than what Emma earns monthly, it is no surprise that many adult models are fast adopting it. Thanks to global lockdown measure which have forced many people into self-isolation, webcam sites have now become more popular than ever before.

Emma occasionally shares important tips on how models can become more popular and earn more money from offering camming services, how to they can block American users from viewer their broadcasts and even alternative ways to earn more money on BongaCams. In one of her Instagram posts with gathered thousands of likes, she said that she made over $4,000 in one day.

Webcam modelling has transformed Emma’s life, providing her more financial stability and freedom. Now, she can have fun and post beautiful photos from some of the most exotic locations on the planet while still actively working on BongaCams.

With a good internet connection and a mobile phone or laptop, models can earn money on BongaCams anywhere and anytime. There are no specific requirements to join the platform and start earning, save for the legal need to be 18 years or older to access the website.

It is clear to see how lucrative being a camgirl is, especially during a pandemic that has made people feel a lot more isolated and in need of interaction. Webcam sites offer huge earning potentials for models without them having to leave the confines of their home.


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