Wyze Cam 1080p indoor wireless smart home camera with Night Vision Review

Big things come in small packages. That's the best description for the Wyze Cam 1080p indoor wireless smart home camera. 

This product was created by WyzeLabs - a company with a goal of producing affordable and easy to use smart home technology for all. The Wyze Cam was created with three major selling points - quality, affordability, and sleek design. 

We took a closer look at the product to see if it meets these three criteria before writing this review. To see the results of our test of this product, read until the end of this article.

The Features

The Wyze Cam might be small in size but it's packed with amazing features. Some of the features include 

  • Motion and sound recording: We found out this camera will record a 12-15 seconds clip when it detects motion or sound.
  • Live stream from anywhere: We tested the Wyze camera for real-time live streaming and found out you can stream live from anywhere in 1080p HD camera. You can also see your house from anywhere in the world through your smartphone and also speak with your family through the Wyze App. 
  • Night vision: The Wyze can have perfect clarity at any time of the day. You can see clearly in absolute darkness. We learned this is enabled by 4 Infrared LEDs. 
  • Voice control: The voice control works with Google Assistant and Alexa. This means you can be in perfect control of your home using voice control.
  • Flexible: What we love about this product is the flexibility. It's small in size, has a magnetic base and it's flexible 3-axis design just makes it one nice piece of gadget to own.
  • Mobile push notifications: This device enables mobile push notifications to your phone and alerts you whenever the camera detects any movement. This helps you stay in control of any situation. This is a good thing.

The pros

One of the good things about this product is that it comes cheap and is packed with amazing features. The camera is a little too clear for such an affordable price. The set up of the product is fast and easy when compared to the same kind of products from other manufacturers. It can also withstand extreme weather conditions, whether hot or cold and still work perfectly.

The cons

One of the major disadvantages of this device is that some of its features are not available outside the United States.  Some reviewers on Amazon also complained about the camera spying on them, even when they disconnected it from the internet by assigning an IP that's connected to another router. The camera still found a way to change its mac address to a new one, got a new IP from the router and gained internet access.

Users of this camera are not totally in control of video data recorded by this device. This is because the camera sends traffic to non-AWS servers located outside the United States, and you somehow don't have control over your data on the cloud.

From the tests, we conducted on the Wyze cam 1080p indoor wireless smart home camera, and the reviews we got from buyers, we can recommend this product for your home.

You can purchase this product HERE on Amazon as it's available at a bargain price when you get it from them.


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