Introducing Sensational Fitness Tracker - Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

Fitbit is back again with another sensational release Fitbit VERSA 2, the best android selling smartwatch which give you the satisfaction of managing your health and fitness result on your wrist.

Fitbit Versa 2 promotes every second of life and allows you to track standard health and fitness.

It has an in built microphone feature that allow you to send a voice command direct to the Amazon Alexa digital assistant. Ask Alexa anything, place call from your mobile device, catch immediate news and information, check weather conditions for your next date outing, set timers, Create alarms and even more.

Store more than 300+ music and also stream from Spotify, Pandora and Deezer apps.

In addition to all these, Versa 2 track up to 20 specific exercise and basic activity such as distance, calories burned, steps taken, floor climbed and more. There is smart track which can automatically recognize and record track for each exercise, and on screen workout that give extra value in form of screen coaching through each move.
Other practical benefit include displaying smart app notifications and music play back via your selection of 300+ you add to the watch or through streaming apps.

Thanks to vibrant color AMALON touchscreen, Versa 2 is user friendly and intuitive. With Bluetooth support you can go wireless with Versa 2 and enjoy awesome experience to set personal goals, connect with family and friends and carry yourself alone from the gym to the office.


Versa 2 excels in battery life, battery last for six days on a single charge.


Ask Alexa anything with the use of your voice, to send text or place call from your mobile device, get quick news and information, check weathers, set timers and create alarm.


Very fast and user friendly OS that requires only swap and tap to make active.


Fitbit Versa 2 gives you the option to receive call, send text, and check calendar. It also gives smart phone app notifications. Android users benefit the most as they can send quick note and voice replies


Versa 2 is water resistant for up to `164, so it is perfect choice for water based workout. It is portable for wearing in the beach, pool and the shower.


Versa 2 is very lightweight and has a tapered design that hides the bulk of the watch well. It is very comfortable to wear and very pleasant on the wrist. Not too large, not too small and fit different wrist sizes.


Automatically records selected exercises with the use of SmartTrack and display the stats in the Fitbit App. Also, detect swimming, aerobic workout, running and even more.


Track heart rate, steps, distance, burned calorie, hourly activity, active minute and floor climbing within 6.1 metres


With consistency and extensive history of making fitness tracker, Fitbit Versa 2 has the most accurate heart rate, steps and sleep tracking record in this industry.


Fitbit Versa 2 provide details on your sleep cycle, it provide accurate record of the hours you slept and let you know the time when you are in deep sleep state as well as when you lack a deep sleep state.


Versa 2 does the entire best task so far among all other smartwatches, from receiving Whatsapp and other messages in timely manner to insightful voice dictation and virtual keyboard that work reasonably.

What are you waiting for? ORDER NOW and have your own amazing experience using Versa 2, the best of all smart watch and the best choices for now.


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