The Connection between 5G Wireless Technology and The Corona Virus Exposed

You must have heard so many versions of the origin of the novel coronavirus that you are having a hard time choosing what to believe.

Some say the virus is a man-made bio-weapon specially designed in a lab in Wuhan China. Others say it came from bats, yet some others blame it all on telecommunication technology. However, recently, there has been an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows a link between coronavirus and 5G technology.

It is no coincidence that the on-going COVID 19 that has held the world hostage all year, began in Wuhan-- a model city for demonstrating 5G wireless technology in China.

Since this discovery, scientists have been led to compare the crippling health effects of the 5G wireless technology to the symptoms of the coronavirus and the results are quite grim. An article on Le Canadian sheds some more light on the connection between 5G and the Coronavirus.

5G Wireless Coronavirus Connection Exposed

5G is the fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks. It is a lot more advanced than any cellular technology ever seen in the past and cellular phone companies began deploying this technology in 2019. 5G deployment requires installing thousands of small cell transmitter antennas along with specially designed LED streetlights in cities where full-scale 5G network access is being sold. 

5G technology typically uses higher frequencies than 4G or any other past cellular technology. These higher frequencies can only travel short distances and are easily blocked by objects, therefore many more small cells are needed in a city in order to deploy full scale, high bandwidth 5G. Due to the fact that 5G deployment requires a lot more small cells than usual, you’ll usually find a denser background of non-ionizing radiation everywhere and this is the reason 5G is sometimes referred to as the “densification” of wireless technology.

Cities that have deployed 5G have a much higher level of background radiation than cities that don't. 5G radiation is so high that it affects everyone in areas where they are located, even people who are not using it.

The frequencies used in 5G networks have been said to be similar to those used in the Active Denial System used for crowd control that made people feel like their “skin was on fire” forcing them to run away.

It’s been found to affect the sensitive voltage gates on people’s cellular and mitochondrial membranes. It is also said to be able to open up the human skin, and penetrate the body, essentially ringing your internal organs with the same frequency of the radiation.

Scientists that study EMF have found that 5G deployment causes flu-like symptoms people exposed to it

Worse still, is what 5G does to your immune system. The 5G technology puts additional pressure on the voltage gate that is designed to protect your cells and keep them in balance. This extra force throws the cell off-balance alongside other catastrophic effects which are sometimes irreversible. The above symptoms are similar to those that may have been felt by coronavirus patients in Wuhan.


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