Crazy Poker Stories

The poker world has some of the most bizarre and craziest stories, everything fromstrange prop bets tofall-outs over golfing bets. People stealing or borrowing to fuel their poker ambition, players getting kicked out or suspended, nothing is unbelievable when it comes to the poker world. Interviews abound on the internet of prominent members of the poker world talking about and often divulging crazy details about their most interesting poker playing experiences.

An article on talks about a poker story from the early 2001s which happened in Las Vegas. According to the report, after 14 crazy nights, with about 100 hours of playing, a player who had borrowed $2, 300 to play, won “a little over $22,000”.

The player in question, Daniel Negreanu, who had since quit poker for writing and blogging, wrote with nostalgia, on his website, about the good old days of poker playing, which he apparently missed a lot. In his words, “This blog, the columns, the book writing, the internet forums, it’s all getting really old, really fast. In fact, yesterday I was seriously contemplating making some pretty big life changes. As in, dumping the blog, my columns, etc. Not for any other reason than I want to play poker again. Not no limit hold’em, but poker. Stud 8 or better, Omaha 8 or better, Triple Draw, pot limit Omaha, limit hold’em, all the games. It’s just way more fun for me and I haven’t played in ages.”

There is also the case of Steve Sung who right from college had always had the conviction that he would be playing poker for a living. He had been a gambler most of his life so the terrain was not new to him. At 21, Sung contested for the tournament circuit as reported on He made several World Poker Tour final tables and racked up huge amounts of money from around the world.In the year 2009, he won his first World Series of Poker bracelets, whiles taking down a $1,000 no-limit event for $771,106.

Following that up with a second WSOP title in 2013 whiles earning himself a whopping $1,205,324 for topping a stacked field in the $25,000 buy-in six-max no-limit hold’em championship.

It’s not all crazy wins though. There are stories of crazy poker losses too. Such as the story of Arelia Margarita Taveras who had everything going for her before she lost it all due to a compulsive poker habit.Taveras was a lawyer, making nearly half a million dollars annually until she started going to Atlantic City Casinos to escape the pressures of her law practice. She stole from her clients, lost her apartment, her parent's home and her practice all in a bid to sustain the habit.

According to the reports, she later filed a $20 million dollar racketeering lawsuit against six Atlantic City casinos and one Las Vegas casino, claiming that they had a duty to cut her off, and didn't do so. Of course, the Casinos claimed no wrongdoing.


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