CFL: MLSE should sell the Toronto Argonauts to more competent owners

MLSE selling the Toronto Argonauts would be great for the CFL

MLSE chairman Larry Tanenbaum is concerned about the CFL's structure, citing low franchise values as one of the reasons why the league must embrace change. 

"I'm not pleased with it.  I'm not happy with the league's structure. My concern is that it has not attracted younger fan engagement in the major cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver," Tanenbaum told The Globe and Mail's Simon Houpt.

"You look at value creation and, unfortunately, these teams are not worth that much money," Tanenbaum elbaborated.

"Hockey, basketball, and soccer teams are worth hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars.  And you look at the Argonauts, a 106-year-old league, and you wonder what value creation these franchises are trading at.  You have to look at that and ask yourself, "Is that success?"

Frankly, as a longtime Argo fan, I have had enough of Mr. Tenenbaum.  Here we have a billion dollar owner who complains about fan attendance over and over alongside "valuation" but who also frankly does a shitty job trying to market the Toronto Argonauts.

The heyday of football in Toronto was during the early 1970's when football was king in the city because the owners back then invested in strong leadership under the legendary Leo Cahill who brought in star players like quarterback Joe Theismann who were the envy of both CFL and NFL teams.

Watch the above documentary if you don't know what I'm talking about.

If MLSE invested in the kind of marketing that other CFL and NFL teams do with an attitude of fielding a team that could beat any CFL and NFL team out there, rest assured Toronto fans of all ages would be filling up the stands in drogues.

But Tenenbaum is too busy day dreaming about having an NFL franchise when he's not whining about his so-called "Argo woes".

It's apparent that MLSE are the slumlords of the CFL and the quicker they sell to serious nationalistic CFL-loving owners who want to bring back a Leo Cahill kind of attitude to the Argos is the sooner that a revised Toronto Argonauts franchise will become the driving force of a rejuvenated CFL.

If Tenenbuam wants an NFL franchise he should move to the States and leave our venerated Canadian football franchise to more capable owners.


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