Ottawa Transgender Dating: Top, Bottom, Versatile

Are you transgendered and in Ottawa?  You might wish to consider checking out hosts Transgender Mixers in Ottawa. 

If you are seriously interested in a relationship with a Trans woman you must understand the terms "top", "bottom" and "versatile" with regard to sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse with a shemale is anal intercourse with the exception of Shemales who have undergone sexual reassignment surgery (SRS). Such Shemales have surgically constructed vaginas with which they can engage in sexual intercourse. However, I will be discussing this matter from the point of view of a pre-op transsexual because I am a pre-op transsexual myself and according to the web poll on the right, the overwhelming majority of men who are interested in Shemales prefer Shemales who have a penis.

Most Shemales prefer to be "bottoms" during anal sex. The term bottom refers to someone who plays the passive or receptive roll during anal sex. "versatile" Shemales enjoy playing the passive and active roll during anal sex equally. In other words, a versatile Shemales would enjoy penetrating you anally in addition to being penetrated by you! Shemale "Tops" are the rarest of the three categories. Shemale tops only play the active roll during anal sex and thus expect their male partners to be totally comfortable with playing the passive roll exclusively.

I am sure you are wondering which category, yours truly, Deelicious Dee, falls under. I happen to be a versatile shemale.

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