UFO Disclosure advocates are naive suggests Gerry Zeitlin

In an interview without cliché, a retired American scientist/engineer from the University of California, Berkeley, SETI program, follower of Taoism, enthusiast of the amazing and mysterious behavior of the most elemental particles in physics, Gerry Zeitlin talks about extraterrestrial life, the SETI, the Myths and the ancients Gods, about Reptilians and the Disclosure Project.

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I have always thought that the Disclosure Project has been based on naive expectations. Disclosure cannot be forced; those who hold the information are far too powerful to be pushed into doing what they do not wish to do, or saying what they do not wish to say.  And the media will always protect them.

Therefore, whether or not it is a deliberate trap is not a significant distinction. Whistle-blowers will not achieve what they desire, but they will expose themselves. In the process, they may entertain a few spectators.

Canada’s First Nations have referred to capitalism is being that of “Pyramid Power” that is the expression of Manipulative Extraterrestrial-oriented “condominium of power”.  Dr. John Lash in relation to this construct of “Pyramid Power” refers to Pagan Gnostic representation concerning the “archons” .

“Archons” in Pagan Gnostic documentation presented by Dr. John Lash refers to Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their alleged operatives on our planet Earth that operate through elite-driven “authority systems”, that are being propped-up through global capitalism.

Gerry Zeitlin’s insights together with a critical appreciation of capitalism arguably suggests that the UFO disclosure movement may have unwittingly become a mechanism for further elite manipulation and dissembling on UFOs and their possible association with Extraterrestrial races.

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