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Are People With The Mandela Effect Different From Other People?

Every day, a growing number of people claim to have experienced a phenomenon called “The Mandela Effect”, or a sudden change in reality that could be linked to a secret manipulation of space and time by interdimensional powers.

Regarding this, Canadian writer and researcher John Stokes posted a very interesting opinion on Facebook group Mandela Effected, in which he claims that people affected by the Mandela Effect “seem to be different” from other humans.

“Has anyone else noticed that we 'humans' who have experienced the Mandela Effect seem to be different than others more so that just on our observations?”, he said. “The people who populate this environment just seem to me to be ‘different’. They may look like you and I but in my view it's like part of their brain or consciousness is missing”, he added.

From Mr Stokes' point of view, this “missing” element is the natural sense of curiosity that all normal humans have. “Today, I reached what in my view is an epiphany that these other people seem to lack a spirit of curiosity of a 'normal human'”, he affirmed.

“When presented with any existentially discrepant info related to the Mandela Effect they [people who has not been affected by the Mandela Effect] either all: (1) seem to immediately become fearful and run away; or (2) extremely dismissive in a sort of passive aggressive way to direct you to accept that it's ‘all in your head’; or (3) for a moment, they might see the discrepancy but then get a sort of glazing of the eyes which a colleague of mine describes as ‘a download’ just before they exclaim: ‘wasn't it always like that?’", the Canadian researcher expressed.

“The apparent fact that people who have not experienced the Mandela Effect seem to all fit in one of these three categories which no spirit of curiosity or empathy to learn more on it supports the view of the following video that we're in fact living in a simulated controlled Earth”, he suggested.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mandela.Effected/permalink/617959675295722/


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