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Mandela Effect: Whistleblower Reveals We Live In A VR Simulation

A couple of months ago, on 02 March, YouTube user and researcher Brian McFarlane posted a video in which he discusses the results of an alleged whistleblower who confessed on several posts published on 4Chan social network that he was one of the many responsible for abducting people and taking them into a Virtual Reality Simulation, something that we know today as the Mandela Effect Phenomenon.

According to Mr McFarlane, the first post of the whistleblower says: “I am one of 23 scientists responsible for what you call the Mandela Effect. I am here to answer questions regarding the original timeline and why it is happening. I will not disclose where I work or what I do at work”.

The alleged scientist explained that, for some reason, people are remembering things that they were not supposed to remember, and this trend will continue to grow in the future. “Not everyone is accepting the updates. For some reason, the veil isn’t working on some people. Currently, it is spiralling out of control, and we anticipate a larger population that will experience memory anomalies within the next few years”, he said. “There are differences in memories because you [people affected by the Mandela Effect] are not supposed to remember any of it. In fact, you have been implanted with multiple layers of memories that are false. Somehow, you have remembered and this is very concerning”, he added.

Additionally, the unnamed scientist made a shocking statement: we are all already living in a simulation, since our world was destroyed in 2012. “This reality is a close copy of what we call the ‘real’ Earth”, he expressed. “Unfortunately, the Earth was destroyed in 2012”, he asserted.

“Unfortunately, there was an extinction-level event. In order to correct this current version and yet similar, we had to give you some updates. These include a larger liver to process the increased toxins, as well as moving some things around because the body would soon be unable to handle the toxicity of the planet”, the informer explained. “There are many updates to the body. I don’t even know where to start”, he continued.

“Your consciousness was transferred to a server to avoid another extinction-level event. You may have noticed updates to your body as well as environment. I don’t have much longer”, the man commented.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc0BFUqs0GU


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