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UFOSighting: Black Alien Disk Photographed Over Argentina In Broad Daylight

A UFO might be monitoring Argentina, claim some UFO enthusiasts who saw a black ring appearover the skies of the South American country.

The strange black object was spotted overhead, by a construction workerand his crew, as they were on site in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

The construction worker on sighting the object quickly grabbed his mobile phone and started to film its circular movement above.

Scott. C. Waring, a well-known conspiracy theorist believes that the sighting is proof of alien visitors.  Waring insists that the fact that the man who spotted the strange objects had looked straight at it is evidence that extraterrestrials have an aura about them.

Mr. Waring who wrote on his blog, ET Database, said "The man said he was working on a foundation of a building when he and his co-workers saw this black ring object flying overhead.

“Had this been a balloon it would be flipping like a wheel end over end. This one seems to stay flat, unlike any balloon I have ever seen.

“Often when a UFO is nearby, people and animals sense its presence. I mean often they have an emotional aura that either pushes a person to look up and see it, or even make you relax almost in a trance meditative state.

"You have to see one first hand and feel it know what I'm saying. Not all UFOs have this aura, but many do."

UFO landings are not new to Argentina. According to Express, “Argentina is something of a hotspot for UFO sightings, so much so that a UFO ‘landing pad’ was built in the wilderness of Argentina by a man who claims aliens told him to create the site.” The UFO landing pad is believed to be a combination of white and brown rocks, shaped like amonument, known as an ovniport, which resembles a star which conspiracy theorists have linked with extraterrestrial activity.

The express writes that this strange landing padwas constructed by a Swiss man called Werner Jaisli.

Mr. Jaisli built the monument in the Argentinian desert just outside of the small town of Cachi in the province of Salta.

UFO sightings in Argentina go back as far as the12 May 1962 when three truckmen, Valentino Tomassini, Gauro Tomassini, and Humberto Zenobi were traveling on Route 35 from Bahia Blanca to Jacinto Aráuz. At a point during their journey, the trio saw an object on the ground in a field next to the road at a distance of 100 meters. The object looked resembled a railroad car and was emitted light. As their truck came nearer to it, the object rose up and crossed the road at a height of four meters; its lights went off and the lower parts of it started to produce a reddish flame. At last, the object split into two parts and flew off in different directions. Since then up until date, there have been a lot of other sightings in the country.


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