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Mandela Effect: Dark Grey Aliens Are Controlling Our Timelines, Researcher Claims

A few days ago, researcher and spiritual coach Lisa Renée published a very interesting article on her blog Energetic Synthesis, in which she claims that a group demonic aliens called Dark Grey Aliens have created – and are currently controlling artificial timelines for humans.  Could this be the source of reported experiences of "Mandela Effects"?

“This last week has greatly increased the activity made by the dark Grey Alien and Zeta groups attempting to gain control over their artificial timeline technology network in sections of the field as it systematically fails, that which they have used since World War II as soul capture imaging devices of planetary inhabitants”, the researcher explained. “These are complex layers of infrastructure embedded in the planetary architecture that are for the purpose of generating inversion networks for loosh production and timeline manipulation on the earth, as well as for controlling the information given to the awakening individuals and truth seeking groups”, she added.

According to Ms Renée, these events are making some people to have strange experiences such as manipulation of thoughts, which might affect the evolution of their consciousness. “This may be experienced as perceiving entities like the Zeta groups manipulating thoughts, dreamscapes via distractions and people that come into your life spontaneously to intersect with the new timeline that individual has been placed on”, she said. “This can be to derail progress forward or act as a consciousness touch in with certain soul extensions or spiritual family, in which new levels of frequency coding regarding the organic timelines are being shared between the reconnecting groups”, she added.

“Recent shifts of collapsed base 10 architecture has generated a ripple effect throughout the artificial timelines and the explicit technological hardware that is used to enforce the phantom matrix constructs”, the spiritual coach asserted. “This specific holographic technology has been referred to as the Grey Alien Military technology, which is more precisely known as the Looking Glass technology and Yellow Cube networks that are used by both human and non-human entities in the Controller groups for overriding and manipulating timelines”, she continued.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/resource-tools/blog-timeline-shift/3525-dismantling-grey-alien-military-technology


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