U.S. government acknowleges its participation in UFO and alien activity

 For years, people have debated about the nature of intelligent, extraterrestrial life, including UFO activity, alien abductions and more. However, in spite of this, governments around the world have strongly denied the existence of such phenomena by hiding relevant information and labelling UFOs and alien encounters as “natural” events.

However, in the last few months, some governments have changed their strategy. And one of them is the U.S. government.

In recent days, a group of congressmen and members of the Pentagon have declared that UFOs are “off-world vehicles not made on this earth”.

Along these lines, renowned Australian researcher Dr Michael Salla explained in an article posted on Exopolitics.org that this assertion is based on the testimony of Dr Eric Davis, a well-respected physicist who worked a few years ago for EarthTech, a company from Texas involved in advanced aerospace developments. Mr Salla affirms that Dr Davis “gave briefings that classified corporate studies were being conducted on the ‘off-world vehicles’ recovered and held in corporate facilities”.  Naturally, this means that the US government and military publicly acknowledge that they have conducted secret operations to reverse engineer extraterrestrial craft.

The physicist also declared that Vice-Admiral Thomas Wilson, a high-profile military official, asked from him more information about his works on UFOs in EarthTech. Wilson, who was not allowed to participate in any activity related to this issue has recently expressed that a secret project aimed to “reverse engineer a retrieved extraterrestrial vehicle” had been carried out a few years ago.

Nonetheless, the “extraterrestrial” origin of these vehicles does not mean that they necessarily come from outer space. In fact, some ufologists like Alex Collier have spoken for years about underground alien bases in certain locations on Earth, like the Iranian desert or Tibet. This could explain how some of these objects seem to “emerge” from the sea, the desert or from behind the mountains.

Mr Collier, who has gotten information from direct sources (this means, from aliens themselves), explains that extraterrestrials and humans have worked together to build and operate these bases. Actually, he mentions the special case of two bases in Australia (one in the south, in a location called Pine Gap, and the other in the Great Victoria Desert) that, in his own words, “have been built by the CIA”. “The government and the aliens are both operating in both places”, he affirms. However, the UFO expert and contactee says that there are facilities in the Amazon, the Nevada desert (one of them is, naturally, the world-famous Area 51), the Antarctica, Sudan, Egypt, among others.

It is really interesting to see that these secret bases are generally built in remote, almost unreachable areas like deserts or high mountains. Deserts and high mountains (like the Andes or Tibet) have special environmental conditions that make them more appealing to alien activity for two reasons: first, it is a well-known fact that some celestial bodies like Mars show a surface that is almost identical to Earth deserts; and secondly, these locations offer the proper “secrecy” aliens and government officials need to conduct their experiments. But, what kind of experiments?

For example, some reports suggest that in the underground base located in Dulce, New Mexico, cloning, human and alien crossbreeding, and mind control are common activities. These reports are based on the testimonies of insiders like the late-Phillip Schneider, a researcher who had been hired by a private contractor to perform a classified operation in the area. However, what Mr Schneider found was terrifying.

According to his story, when he and his group entered the underground base, the entities who were working there (in his opinion, Tall Greys) reacted with hostility, killing or severely injuring all the members of the group. He was one of the survivors, but the consequences of this encounter were terribly painful: he developed a carcinogenic reaction in the spot where he was hit by alien weapons.

Nonetheless, from his visitation, the researcher learned that the base had 7 levels (one of them, the third one, included “many state offices”), each one dedicated to different sorts of experiments: genetic manipulation, mind control, cryogenic storage, among others. Unfortunately, Mr Schneider died in 1996. In spite of being ruled as a suicide, his close friends believed that his death was related to the incident. In fact, his girlfriend asserted that, when she entered his house, “all his stuff about UFOs, books on conspiracy theories, and the data of his work was gone, while cash and valuables were still there”.

This account could perfectly explain why numberless abductees claim to suffer from health issues after their experiences. And, sadly, why some of them end up dying in extremely questionable circumstances.

In any case, all these valuable evidences clearly suggest that powerful countries like the US, China or Russia, and major aerospace corporations not only know that UFOs are not man-made, but they are also working together with some “outworldly” visitors to develop new technologies and beyond: they are also carrying out experiments on humans. Nevertheless, these governments generally deny their participation in these activities because they know they are completely unethical. However, as Dr Salla affirms, all this information “will astound many working professionals that have ignored decades of testimonial evidence that such programs were being secretly conducted at multiple military and corporate facilities”.

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