Famous singer Robbie Williams describes his close encounter with a UFO

UFO and alien phenomena often affect regular people, like you or me. You might be quietly sitting in your living room and out of nowhere you see a bright light outside your house. Then, strange noises break the stillness of the night and you feel shivers down your spine. Perhaps you will talk about this with a close friend, who might think you are hallucinating. This is what most of abductees experience.

However, sometimes, notorious people also make public their own “UFO encounter” stories. For example, we could talk about former US president Jimmy Carter, who claimed to have seen a “very bright object [with] changing colors and about the size of the moon” during the presidential campaign in 1976. Along these lines, it is important to mention the case of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, president of the region of Kalmykia, in Russia, who not only has seen UFOs, but has also claimed to have been contacted by “human-like creatures in yellow spacesuits” in his house. According to him, the purpose of the encounter (that took place in 1997) was “to demonstrate that UFOs do exist”.

Nevertheless, in this article we discuss a more recent incident: the one related to famous British singer and songwriter Robbie Williams.

Interviewed by journalist Liam Bartlett for 60 Minutes Australia, the artist affirmed that he has “seen and experienced phenomena that cannot be explained”.

“I believe in the mysteriousness of UFOs. I have seen one. I have seen one right above me”, he said. “If I have had a tennis ball, I could have hit it. Yes, I could have hit it with a tennis ball”, he commented.

This is quite intriguing. Why do aliens choose sometimes famous people to show up? If we believe in Mr Ilyumzhinov’s testimony and accept the idea that they wanted to “demonstrate that UFOs do exist”, why do they want to do so?

Perhaps, some of these beings want to share with few selected people important information to change humanity’s path. Positive messages and positive energies. As renowned American ufologist and writer Scott C. Waring asserts: “it is clear that Robbie Williams has a very positive feeling and experience tied to seeing the UFO up close. An experience that left him a changed man forever”.

As we know, aliens have developed time-travelling ships, so they can go back to past events and modify the circumstances in order to get their desired outcome. Was Robbie Williams’s experience “predetermined”? Perhaps, as Mr Waring comments, “it is not as if it was a coincidence that a UFO hovered over him 100 to 150 feet up. It was actually on purpose. Alien often deliberately travel through space and time just to see someone who in the past changed life as we know it in some way”. If we agree with the ufologist, Robbie Williams has an important mission for humanity. What kind of mission? Only time will tell.

Draw your own conclusions…


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