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Manipulative Aliens: Nigel Kerner Explores Robotoid Entities Abducting Men, Women and Children

In the above video, Nigel Kerner explore manipulative artificial alien life forms that have been abducting men, women and children allegedly to assit with the cloning of humans toward the creation of a new life form that would enforce the enslavement of humans.

Nigel Kerner began asking the questions that led over a period of thirty years to the publication of his two books with a qu ....

Kinder-Morgan Pipeline to Aliens: Justin Trudeau, Other Leaders Dig Jobs To Our Graves

Don't you just love how Justin Trudeau and other world leaders love to talk about “creating jobs” and “economic growth” any time they decide to threaten and pursue further destruction of our environment? If investigative research like Dr. Micheal Salla is correct, questionable decisions associated with pipeline projects and other such environmental issues are the result of manipulat ....

Peter Kent's Attacks on PM Justin Trudeau Praise of Fidel Castro Is Pure Hypocrisy

It's just fascinating to watch hypocrites like Peter Kent in the House of Commons and elsewhere attack Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's "praise" of the now late "communist dictator" Fidel Castro.  Politicians like Mr. Kent and President Elect Donald Trump would have us believe that they are so concerned about the oppression of human rights in Cuba.  Mr. Kent and Mr. Trump would have us be ....

Petition: Day 531 – Ottawa's Horace Carby-Samuels Proves Disabled Women Can Be Kidnapped or Tortured

Today, 28 November 2016 marks the 531th day that Horace Carby-Samuels has held his Dezrin, his wife, hostage in Kanata.

Dezrin Carby-Samuels' personal liberty has been taken away from her by her abusive husband since 12 June 2015.

Since that time, Horace has blocked visitation access by Raymond her son, who Dezrin has sought to see, and others.

In Canada, we are used to the id ....

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Iran Official Describes Alien Home Invasions - Scar Evidence

Government officials and others like to scoff at reports of alien activities and encounters on Earth.  But, tell that to the alleged victims of alien encounters.  This includes the reported abduction that follows.  According to Dr. Michael Salla, the late Karla Turner, David Icke and other investigators, not only has there been a massive cover-up, but some of the elites doing the ....

Petition: Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum Undermines Canada's Universal Public Healthcare System

Canadians have become very familiar with increasing demands on our universal public healthcare system.

Any Canadian who has gone to a local hospital, medical clininc or to a family doctor for themselves or with a loved one may be familar long waits and line-ups.

Many pundits in the media will say the system just needs 'more money'.  But, what about the need to ensure mon ....

Petition: Day 530 – Horace Carby-Samuels Continues to Hold Wife Hostage in Kanata

Today, 27 November 2016 marks the 530th day that Horace Carby-Samuels has held his Dezrin, his wife, hostage in Kanata.

Kanata is a suburb of Ottawa.

Raymond, his son, got a court Order to try to spare Dezrin, his Mom from further abuse and neglect by Horace.

Raymond had got that Court Order on 11 February 2016 that was issued by Justice Patrick Smith.  However, Horace (b ....

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French Astronaut Sought to Warn About Alien Hybrids Says UFO Researcher

According to the following report edited by Scott Waring, UFOSightingsDaily.com. a French astronaut had sought to warn humanity about a clandestine effort among Earth's elite to collaborate with manipulative aliens in the genetic engineering programme.  The apparent goal of this program has been to create alien-human hybrids to rule over the human populations that would become a slave race in ....

Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum: Online Petition Grows to 400 People Against Mount Sinai Doctor

Toronto Mount Sinai Doctor Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum crippled an elderly woman due to his negligence.  The online petition against this Toronto Mount Sinai Doctor has grown to about 400.

You can help support the liberation of Dezrin Carby-Samuels who has been subjected to the nefarious activities of this doctor by support this online petition.

Thanks to Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum, Dezrin and ....

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Day 516: Ottawa -- Dezrin Carby-Samuels Needs Your Help From Forced Isolation

OTTAWA -- In today's world, we have become used to being connected in some way whether in person; through texting or through various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  But imagine, you're like Dezrin Carby-Samuels who has not been able to walk, talk or write for more than 500 days.  Also imagine you getting that way because of the neglect of your significant other who abu ....

Petition: Day 516 – Ottawa's Horace Carby-Samuels Oppresses Wife's Rights

The website professorhouse.com helps to illuminate the kind of elderly spousal abuse that Dezrin Carby-Sanuels has experienced now for more than 500 days at the hands of Horace Carby-Samuels who is her husband.  Dezrin can no longer walk, talk and write thank to abuse and neglect by Horace and Marcella, who is his daughter.

Raymond had sought to take care of his Mother at home but was ....

Petition: Day 516 – Ottawa's Horace Carby-Samuels Continues To Prevent Vistation Access

Today marks Day 516 that Horace Carby-Samuels can continued to block visitation access of Dezrin, his now phyically disabled wife.  Raymond, her son and Dezrin have not been able to see each other since 12 June 2016 thanks to Horace Carby-Samuels ignoring Justice Patrick's Smith's court Order.

In the above video, Ottawa Police officers had sought to enforce Justice Patrick's Smith's co ....
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