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The issue of individuals making use of Google Ad Sense to make money through the placing of advertisements on a variety of websites has been trending for some time now. All that a website publisher has to do is to place advertising texts and videos on certain websites and when these texts or videos are clicked by any visitor, the publisher earns some money in return. However, the idea of earning money through the use of Google Ad Sense is not as simple as it may seem and that is one thing which has caused website publishers to lose a lot of money.

All is not lost though as provides each and every website publisher who seeks to earn money from Google Ad Sense with the top 5 Google Ad Sense money making tips. They are five in total and spending some few minutes of your time here will enable you to get acquainted with the tips to succeed in making money with Google Ad Sense.

·         Use keywords that are search engine optimized: There is no disputing of the fact that Google mostly evolve around keywords. For this reason, you really need to ensure that the texts that you place on websites are rated among the top keywords by Google. When you make use of the best keywords, you automatically increase your chances of raking in greater profits. However, always make sure that your content contains the right keyword density in order not to get booted out by Google.

·         Size matters: There are various ways through which ads can be place on Google but when you decide to go with the image ads always make sure that you opt for the sizes that are big. In such a way your ad is always visible to any visitor who comes to that site.

·         Know where to place your ads:  Although Google Ad Sense is a way to earn money by placing ads on websites, it should be noted that not all these sites attract a lot of visitors. It is therefore very essential that you chose only those sites that are likely to attract more visitors rather than those that attract a small number of visitors.

·         Desist from using Google’s SmartPricing: With SmartPricing system, the value of a particular site is determined by the number of visitors that the site has and so sites with a small visitor size will end up having a low value whilst that with many visitors automatically gets a higher value.

Make use of Ad Sense’s heat map: Through the use of the Ad Sense heat map, you will be able to theme and design your site to meet the requirements of Google Ad Sense


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