Diet Soda and your health: Health effects explained


You'd be surprised to know that diet soda carries many harmful effects on the body. Even though you may be feeling "great" on the inside and out every time you reach for that soda, there are long-term gradual effects it has on the body. Don't let the lack of calories and fat fool you into thinking you're doing your body a favour, because the truth is you may be doing more damage than you think.

Recent studies over the years have concluded that diet soda is bad for both women and men because of the artificial sweetener that it contains. Research backs up the fact that artificial sweetener in many diet sodas is to blame for numerous health problems. Long term consequences related to diet soda consumption may remain unclear up to this point. However, research has confirmed that many of the chemicals found within these drinks like Aspartame, Phospheric Acid, etc. can cause weight gain and a list of other issues. The irony behind all of this though is that the artificially sweetend soda makes the body desire real-sugar sweetend beverages and foods that may alter behavior, mental health and weight. The process of absorption that occurs tricks the body into thinking it has had sugar. For this to happen, something rather serious may be occuring physiologically in the body. Even though you may not be feeling it at the physical level, you can be sure it is actually happening to you.

So what can diet soda do to you that affects how your body works? Surprisingly, a yearlong study at Harvard Medical School that consisted of 3,000 women found that diet soda is associated with increased risk of kidney decline. Kidney function started to decline when women drank two or more diet sodas a day. (Prevention, 2012) Even far more interesting than this fact is the observation that regular soda does not have this effect on the kidneys. This had lead researchers to believe that the real problem stems from the artificial sweeteners. A 2008 study at the University of Minnesota that consisted of 10,000 adults found that even one diet soda a day is linked to a 34% higher risk of metabolic issues. Things like high cholesterol and belly fat may also fall into this category, which places the individual at higher risk for heart disease. On an even more interesting note, diet soda doesn't help anyone lose weight. The University of Texas Health Science center found that the more diet sodas a person drank, the higher the risk for becomin goverweight. As mentioned previously, artifical sweeteners disrupt the body's natural ability to regulate calorie intake and sugar because the body is receiving a false form of sugar.

Certainly everyone cares about their appearance and most importantly, their smile. Diet soda has been connected to the rotting of teeth over time. The pH of this soft drink is a 3.2, which makes it highly acidic. Therefore, those who drink an excess of three or more diet sodas a day have worse dental health. Soda drinkers in general have been found to promote greater tooth decay, missing teeth, and more need for fillings.

Don't let a drink or food label's promise make you feel a certain way so you unknowingly compromise your health. Gather information and research to make sure you are aware about what you are consuming, and whether or not it is good for you in the long run. Some manufacturers only care about whether or not you consume their products without giving much regard to the effects on the body in the long run. Be sure to educate yourself to make sure you know what you are ingesting.


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