Sex at work goes on the rise

Sex, a taboo in most workplaces seems to be getting a life of its own. Following a Business Week columnist’s admission that she met her husband at work, Business Week conducted a survey, ”Sex-at-Work-survey” in a bid to find out people’s views on sex and romance at the workplace.

A total of 2500 respondents answered to the survey questions. The survey revealed that a staggering 90% and over of people think that “HR has no right to know if we’re sleeping with someone from the office”.

Given an opportunity, a number of people admitted that they would be up for sex with someone from their office, saying that they believe that it is okay to sleep with someone at their company. However, when asked if they approve of the bosses sleeping with the juniors, a majority showed their disapproval. 90% of those surveyed confessed to being attracted to a colleague, while just over half of them said that they had actually acted on their crushes.

A twist to the survey indicates that much as the respondents to the survey favored having sex with colleagues from the same company, almost all of them thought that the human resource did not have the right to be told of their activities. Two-thirds of the respondents answered yes to having hit on a colleague while almost 80% had been hit on by a colleague. Most people think that having sex with colleagues is fine as long as it’s handled professionally and doesn’t involve a direct reporting relationship.

In such an environment tensions are bound to arise, be it from all the abstinence or from the aftermath of the deed. However, almost all the respondents answered no to having to switch jobs because of sexual tension with a colleague.

Almost none of the people surveyed have quit their jobs in a bid to pursue a sexual relationship with a colleague. The number that had had sex with their bosses was minimal, the rest, more than a third of the respondents answered yes to having sex with subordinates and the venue for having sex was given as “at the office.”

This may be worrying for work performance, especially after the sexual encounter, however, most of the people who had sex with their colleagues say that the relationship had not affected their careers and it had no impact on their productivity. 9 out of 10 of the people who had sex with colleagues say that they are glad they did. So what does this say about people at the workplace today? Are they becoming more liberal in terms of sex at work?


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