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VANCOUVER – Many of us have dreams of making it big in Hollywood. The fame, the fortune, your name in lights, is all a mighty big lure! Most of us won’t get there of course but what if you had an opportunity to have your name on the big screen as a credit in an independently shot film? What if that movie becomes a huge hit? Cool right? And you’re giving local talent a chance at success!

Award-winning Vancouver Director Erick Boychuk is offering you that chance. Boychuk is using a little known website called Indiegogo to make his first full length feature called The Cover-Up. The website is a grass roots way of raising money by ‘crowdfunding’ in order to build a variety of businesses, many of which are artistic pursuits.

“Our goal is to raise 25 thousand dollars,” Boychuk says, “It’s a cheap movie to shoot. All local actors and only two locations are needed.”

The Cover-Up is a comedy about a love lost young man named Matt who wants to win back the affections of his high school sweetheart; the one that got away. She of course is betrothed to someone else. At a party her boyfriend gets so drunk he falls off a cliff. Blackmail ensues when another man threatens to tell the girlfriend that Matt pushed him unless Matt sets him up with another woman. A confused Matt needs to learn that in order to win his sweetheart back he must tell the truth about what happened.

“The movie is loosely based on my love life,” Boychuk adds, “So it’s a story I, unfortunately, know how to tell well.”

The Cover-Up plays out like a true Shakespearean comedy about the tangled webs we weave in love and is sure to be a hit with any age group.

Contribute now and you could have your name in the credits! Go to for full details!

Be a part of cinematic history and help fund the next big director!

Boychuk's short films have won several awards and were hits at the Calgary International Film Festival, NSI Film Festival, and CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto. He was also a finalist in one of the well known Doritos ‘crowdsource’ commercial campaigns.

The Lead Players:

The film stars some well known local talent.

Seventeen year old Quinn Cartwright plays our love interest, Jessica, and is one of Vancouver’s rising stars. Despite her young age, Quinn has an extensive theatrical background and has been acting since she was just nine years old. She has also received several awards for her work, including Pick of the Vancouver Fringe 2011. Secretly she moonlights as a Disney Princess for little kids!

Simon Basch plays our love lorn and confused Matt. Simon’s credits include the lead role in the Leo award winning web series, “Freshman’s Wharf.” He’s been in a variety of theatre productions and short films and received his BFA from the University of Victoria. He also writes his own scripts and dabbles in stand up comedy.

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For more information contact: Javier Badillo (Producer): 778-869-9651

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