Seolius masters internet search results


Seolius, a comprehensive SEO company in Belgium, provides the latest innovative techniques that offer a variety of tools in the field of web creation and SEO. For David Licoppe, founder and CEO of Seolius, the company differentiates itself from other competing markets in the world because of its extensive offerings of service and simplicity of use. Just after nine months of business, Seolius found itself among the best web agencies in Belgium; and after two years of activity, hundreds of clients in France and Belgium return for regular service.

David Licoppe always had an innate passion for informatics and web creation as a general field of interest. Learning more about his profession through literature and partnerships with important people in the activity sector, Licoppe was able to build and promote his own agency: Easylius. Established as a platform to help support clients with web-related needs, Easylius helped many individuals with no previous knowledge gain a general understanding about the endless field of web-creation.

David Licoppe decided that it was time to reach out to larger companies that required referencing services. In 2011, David's referencing skills assisted him in the foundation of Seolius, a referencing and web marketing company. The aspect of referencing remains unknown to many large businesses, creating difficulty in management solutions. Seolius makes referencing comprehensible and possible to the public, offering extensive use and possibilities. With Seolius, clients only pay when their website is positioned on their chosen key-words and prices only vary depending on which results show in an online search. Although Seolius is incapable of influencing renowned search engines such as Google, Seolius takes a risk to guarantee results. Seolius; philosophy entitles satisfaction and quality, promising the best results that they can give for their website. In a statement made by David Licoppe, "Seolius' services are designed for companies that have a budget for referencing their own website on search engines, whose main interest is to upgrade their presence on the web in a durable and efficient way."

A counterpart to Seolius, Google Ad Words is Google's advertising agency that allows web surfers to pay for positioning of keywords on the top of the search page. In contrast, Seolius aims to offer complementary services but in a different method. The main difference between Seolius and other SEO-related companies is that Seolius guarantees certain positioning on search engines. With partners in France and Belgium, and strategic advisors and contributors to blogs and self-help forums, Seolius finds itself with a team of sufficient support.

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