Business 4240 Views domain name goes on sale

The domain name,, is up for grabs.  So what you ask.  For the vast majority of internet users one domain more or less is of very little interest.  However, to a number of individuals and companies this could be the business opportunity they’ve been waiting for.

The first group of companies that should consider purchasing this news release oriented domain name are those who are already in the business of distributing press releases to internet media outlets.  By acquiring, they render it unavailable to competition, existing or future.  On the positive side, they can use the domain to promote and expand their own business by creating a second site where businesses seeking a news release service might land.

The second group that should consider this domain name consists of future competition. Internet PR is the most important means of promoting goods and services without a huge advertising campaign.  By subscribing to a media service, businesses have access to media websites and journalists in a way that would take them years to develop themselves. 

Interested parties, that is, those who see a positive future for news-release oriented businesses, should contact  to learn more.


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