SEO: Six Stages to Boost Your Website


Given that the Internet is vast enough to encompass even the remotest corners of the globe in its aura, how would you ensure that your website – which is like a tiny droplet in an ocean – is visible to potential customers and casual surfers alike? This is where reliable and reputed providers like come in.

If the Internet is described as wilderness, websites are like thousands of trees spread across its area that define its character. In such a situation, the task of pinpointing and finding a single tree is practically impossible unless of course it is adequately marked and made to stand out from the rest. That is exactly what SEO is meant to do – it is an arsenal full of tricks and strategies which, on being applied to a website, render it prominent enough to be able to stand out from the rest. Results of SEO are manifested in form of improved ranking wherein the particular website appears on the first page of the search engine and attracts a sizeable density of traffic provided the SEO firm that you have hired is as efficient as

Such is the importance of this tool that a website which is bereft of SEO is akin to a business venture that does not have any source of revenue, meaning it is likely to die a natural death within a few weeks. Therefore, for any online entrepreneur who wishes to survive for a long time and is serious about making the most of the concept of e-commerce, finding a high quality, effective and affordable SEO package is a priority. Outfits like are options that deserve consideration in this regard.

On settling down with for your website optimization requirements, following are the six stages that are implemented by the firm towards ensuring result-oriented SEO –

Stage 1 – This is the first stage wherein you have entrusted your website to the SEO specialist with the intention of improving its ranking and performance. On his part, the professional would embark on the task by evaluating the existing SEO and provide you with a report pertaining to what might be wrong. Henceforth, the requisite rectification can be handled by you or by the expert as deemed appropriate.

Stage 2 – Assuming that you have decided to enlist the services of a professional, most of the activities performed during this stage would be dedicated to revamping and renovating the website as per the recommendations of the report. Hence, at the end of this stage, the website will appear as sporting a totally new look.

Stage 3 – During this stage, it is time to apply SEM, namely search engine marketing, which is also referred to as off-site SEO. Commonly used techniques for this purpose are press release distribution, article submission, blog posting, social bookmarking and so on.

Stage 4 – Having sufficiently tweaked the structure and applied all the techniques, it is time to adjudge if there is an improvement and how effective are the new tools. Link building is another activity that is focused on during this stage.

Stage 5 – Providers offer this stage as the premium SEO package wherein the website is marketed by being linked to high quality domains.

Stage 6 – Deluxe SEO is provided to wanting customers in form of corporate branding through high quality videos that qualify for YouTube.

Subsequent to incorporation of these stages by, not only will your website appear on the first page of search engine results but will also accrue an income that would turn your competitors green with envy. 

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