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Smart Ways To Outperform Your Business Competitors

Small companies that operate in Canada have a different business environment than companies in the U.S. However, businesses in both locations can take some critical steps to beat the competition. Small business can apply technology tools to operate more efficiently and get better marketing results. Consider these tips to get better business outcomes.

Using cloud computing

Using the cloud allows a small business to operate more productively and better protect their records. The cloud lets you operate your business on remote servers. This eliminates the need to keep many of the paper files you maintain. Cloud computing also means that you can access, change and share documents immediately with your staff. Another benefit of cloud computing is increased network security. You can hire a firm to maintain all of your data on remote servers that they protect. These firms can respond to any cyber attack on your data in real time.

You can use e-signature software to sharply reduce the time needed to process documents. Rather than mail or fax paperwork, you can send a document and get a signature electronically. Once the document is signed, you can store the paperwork on the cloud. Anyone who needs the signed document can access it online. This technology allows you to get contracts and employee agreements signed much faster.

Tech tools for marketing

Marketing is the process of getting a prospect’s attention and generating interest. When people need a solution to a problem, they will most likely perform a Google search. You can use technology to increase your company website’s ranking in a Google search.

Start by using an online publishing platform to build your website. WordPress is a great tool that powers over 20% of all websites. This tool provides hundreds of website templates. You can choose a template and build an attractive website without any programming knowledge.

Google now puts a bigger emphasis on content. Websites that consistently post useful blogs and articles will move up in a Google search ranking. Say, for example, that you sell hiking and biking gear. If you post articles on outdoor sports topics, you’ll increase your Google search ranking and build an audience.

Small businesses in Canada and the US

Small businesses in Canada operate in a different environment than companies in the US. Here are some differences: · 

Population: The population of Canada is about 33 million, and compared with a US population of over 313 million. A Canadian business may have fewer competitors, but also a much smaller market for their product or service. · 

Tax code: Both countries have a complex tax code. In many cases, politicians create legislation to encourage companies to hire or to invest. These tax laws may be very different between the two countries. · 

Two languages: Canadian businesses operate in an environment with two primary languages. Approximately 7 million Canadians speak primarily French, while the remainder use English. A Canadian company may have to market and sell their products using both languages. US companies work with primarily English, with a growing Spanish speaking population.

Both Canadian and US businesses can use technology to operate far more productively. Take a look at all the tasks you must complete to run your company. Consider if your can use technology to complete those tasks more efficiently. You can make changes to work more productively and grow your business.


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