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Top 5 Ways in Which You Can Use Instagram to Boost SEO

Everyone on Instagram acts as a professional photographer as people and businesses alike share images and short videos online. More than 50 million photos are shared on this platform every day. Business owners have discovered that they can use the unique photo-based design of this social media channel to advertise their business and boost their SEO. Here are ways in which businesses can promote brand awareness and improve their SEO using Instagram.

Share your story with images

You can use your Instagram account to educate and showcase your products and services to potential customers. It is best to be creative and share photos and short videos regarding your product. Sharing a wide variety of pictures and using them to tell your story will be interesting to your fans and will help them relate to your brand. This will make your followers more interested in your business and they will therefore check out your website for additional details.

Boosts external inbound links

Instagram is a social media platform that encourages external sites to link to your website content. However, you must have authoritative and high-quality content on your website. Content with more external links gains authority and popularity with search engines. This is because your Instagram works as a broadcast channel that will serve as bait to attract external links.

Growing your followers

The number of Instagram connections or followers on your profile has a great impact on your ranking. A large social media following helps to expose your business brand and content to a wide audience. This increases the probability of boosting like4like and making actual sales in the end. You can boost the number of followers by posting articles that are useful, open inquiries, general discussion items and helpful tips. You should also follow up with your users and directly engage them in conversation.

Optimize all posts for searches

You should ensure that your Instagram posts are optimized for searches. This technique usually relies on pre-existing content, but it also opens another channel for search. Google tends to favor new articles, knowledge graph entries and popular social media updates that rank highin its SERPs. Therefore, business owners must guarantee that their Instagram posts are popular so that they can be on the top pages of search engines as this will help boost their SEO.

Use keywords in your Instagram posts

Keywords are crucial for your blog, paid ad campaigns and website. Therefore, you must use keywords in all your social content. Use of keywords can easily bring traffic to your Instagram account and your website. This means that many people will get to read your content and consider using your products or services. You must ensure that your business content is searchable so that your website can pop up when users search for specific keywords.

People love Instagram and will continue sharing photos on this platform, and the number of pictures shared keeps increasing by the day. Therefore, for your business brand to be noticed, you must employ unique strategies. You can use this platform to your advantage by being smart with your online campaigns and the brand images that you share. It is best that you have Instagram as a major part of your search engine optimization.

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