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Cyber Threat: How Social Media Accounts For Failed Careers

Social media is a big player in the world of business professionals. Since the inception of Twitter, LinkedIn et al. entrepreneurs have been able to build relationships and generate leads remotely. Seen as small businesses tend to struggle in this area, the platforms are vital are to success.

However, social media accounts are not all picnics and rainbows. For every positive aspect, there are dangers which ruin careers. Yep, one ill-judged drunken tweet can destroy a fledgeling career in a matter of seconds.

For career driven men and women, social media is the most significant security threat and here’s why.

Too Personal

Why are social media platforms loveable? The simple answer is an insight into people’s lives. Whether it’s a celebrity or a colleague, individuals love making comparisons. The personal aspect of Twitter or Facebook means the majority of people share everything that goes on in their life. Some people even post what they had for dinner, which is mind-numbingly dull. The point is – there is no filter. It is easy to voice an opinion about everything and anything which can come back to bite you on the backside. Sadly, some things don’t need sharing.

Too Close To Home

“But, I’m allowed to have an opinion. It’s my right as a human being!” True, yet there are consequences for your actions because an employee’s behaviour reflects poorly on the company. Issa Asad Qlink Wireless’ CEO believes everything shared in the business’s name creates a mental image for the customer. And, he isn’t alone as entrepreneurs from Marc Johnston and Robert Carter agree. As a result, a personal post from a worker is enough to destroy a business’s reputation. Organisations can’t allow this to happen, which is why they fire employees who cross a line. Plus, other firms won’t hire someone who they believe is a loose cannon.

Too Permanent

The thing which makes a mistimed tweet or Instagram post worse is the permanent nature of social media. “Oh, I’ll just delete that and no one will be any the wiser” is what people mistakenly believe. The truth is some people still get judged decades later because of a social media boo-boo. All a person needs to do is take a screenshot or a screen grab and the error is enshrined forever. In simple terms, people and won’t let you forget about or rectify your mistake. In the business industry, an error is a career-breaker.

Too Tempting

Are you a small business owner or a mid-level player at a big firm? If so, there is a chance your social media accounts have fancy titles. For example, SME owners love to say they are CEOs. Even though it’s true, peers won’t look at it the same way when they find out about the size of the company. And, once they think you’re a liar, word will spread and your reputation will be in ruins. Always be truthful and err towards modesty to keep your integrity intact.

Social Media is fantastic, but it has a dark side too.


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