Want to promote your brand? Choose Instagram as your marketing platform

When running a business and branding it online, and even trying to spread it as an e-commerce venture online, you will have to fulfill many steps in marketing out of which one step is an image or graphic based branding. Branding your business via images, videos and graphics, photo shoots and logos, all form apart of this step, and Instagram in today's e-commerce and digital marketing world forms a vital tool in this step.

Why use Instagram in branding

Pictures are expressive and tell a lot. Sometimes pictures contain important textual representations too. Pictures also tell stories of the company’s events, success stories, work methods, team and group involved, infrastructure, client relations, property and area owned, awards and rewards and recognition publically gained, etc. In short, pictures tell a lot more and intrigues the senses a lot more than text.

A long story covered in five pages of text may not be that engaging if not written interestingly. But the same story when told using descriptive pictures, infographics, real photographs, diagrams, videos, etc., can be a lot more interesting and captivating. Minds get more captivated by visual stimulation which comes with snaps and pics than textual stimulation. And that is why apps like Instagram, which shares pictures exclusively ina friendly format, are of such high social media value.

If you really understand the power of branding and don't want to waste time in writing and simple SEO tactics only, then now is the time to dive into some real picture sharing using the Instagram app or web service which is easiest to learn and use. Kids all over the world are mostly attached to posting pics on Instagram direct from their smartphones,and youcan learn this in a fewminutes only.

With such simple interface, intriguing app structure, lovely filters for photos, awesome chat facilities, great parallel sharing options and all, Instagram is the new social media craze now, and a potential tool for branding using images, infographics, photographs, etc.

Share your business events and photo shoots

One bright way to let people know about your existence on the domain is to share real-life pictures of events, functions and photo shoots in your office, factory, or business platform. This can be done simply by using smartphones. Any snap taken by a smartphone on the go, during a photo shoot, any business event, award function, business party, get-together, etc. can be instantly shared on Instagram using the app.

When you let people know what you are doing, it tells your business insider story. And this is a brilliant way to create a bunch of followers who would be slowly taking more interest in your company or business, and know more. This way you tell people how active you are, and activity symbolizes progress.

Share your infrastructure or work platform

You can share your infrastructure through pictures. Your prospective customers would first like to be satisfied with complete information about your business model, brand image, customer profiles, etc., and then proceed further to get associated with you. Hence to make your image brighter and clearer before them, the best mode is to give them a peek at how you work through pics. When you share your business infrastructure or the platform in case it’s purely online; then you create a link with your viewers. You tell them about your ways which appear as a transparent approach.

Share advertising and educating videos

A great way to use Instagram for branding is to share small video clips about your business events, functions, working methods, teamwork, demonstrations, inside stories, press releases, etc. Instagram allows uploading of small 1-minute videos. And 1 minute is enough to tell a nice story and show some events easily. That is why you can use this function to tell more through motion stories.

You can advertise your product too through videos and obviously photos. You can also share educational clips, public awareness videos about the use and description of your products, or how you make them, etc. videos exhibiting the factory making of a product can be really intriguing if made with proper voice tags, clear sound, and elaborate descriptions. For making them more popular, you always have the option to go for services of https://gramblast.comwhich brings instant activities, likes, followers, and shares for your uploaded content and profile on Instagram.

Share success stories with photos and videos

Success stories within a company can be shared through promotional videos and photos using Instagram. If you have a success story to tell, then nothing can be as good as Instagram to share it via photos and videos. You can choose people with whom you directly want to share. You can chat with people about it, elaborate further, and get connected with many.

Don’t forget to include your logo

Whatever image file you upload for promoting your business online, do not forget to include your business name or logo on it. Use it as a direct imprint, as a watermark, or included in the photograph in someway. But a logo and business name, banner, or poster, etc. must be there in the image, infographic, picture, or illustration. This way you will relate more to your viewers who would instantly link your business logo with your identity, thereby recognizing your online presence through pictorial easily.

Sharing made easy

Instagram lets you share anything that you share on it to other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.,and this happens with just a click. This means when you share on Instagram and you have your Twitter and Facebook accounts linked to your profile on Instagram, then you are really sorted about sharing. You click, and things get shared on multiple social media platforms. And that is the beauty of Instagram. While you are focusing just on image branding, you can really save timeon sharing and get everything done from one place or rather one app.


Hence, when you share your business-related graphics using Instagram, you really pave the path to branding the smart way and without much effort. All you have to do is get this much action that you click a photo and share instantly through your phone and see the magic happen.


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