Lancia reappears in Motor Show 2013 at Geneva


The royal car Lancia has made come back at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. It is a baby born out of marriage of two industrial cultures namely Chrysler and Lancia. It has a style and innovation of Lancia and comforts and functionality of Chrysler.

This is the concept which the exhibition area depicts in its collection of communicative shapes and dialects. The public discovers one of the broadest ranges in the international market on this stand. We find Ypsilon in segment B followed by segment Delta, the flagship Thema, the big MPVs and the enthralling segment D contains convertibles.

The new exotic series from the restarted collaboration of two Italian brands, Ypsilon S MOM DESIGN and Delta S by MOM DESIGN are the leads of the stand.

 Exceptional synergy which combines Lancia’s polished and classy style with the technology is responsible for the Milanese trademark of MOM DESIGN. The exceptional Italian exclusive products and accessories designed and manufactured by MOMODESIGN Centro Stile include from helmets, watches, to eyewear. These products are all rare fashion products equally liked by the youth.

The top Italian style, the Ypsilon S MOMODESIGN and Delta S by MOMODESIGN display h colour contrasts, with elegant interiors and dynamic makeup. These cars are manufactured with the innovation and sportiness for which Lancia has always earned laurels.

Delta S by MOMODESIGN, a 190 HP 1.9 Twin turbo MultiJet, with the new two-colour Anthracite Grey with Eclipse Black roof paintwork are the pieces if attraction for the public.. The engine fitted to it gains a high speed of 222 km per hr. One can easily find an Ypsilon S MOMODESIGN on the stand...

The new Elephantine is the most looked for vehicle by young and vibrant customers. The Elefantino is a sign of reliability and charm intimately associated with the brand. It was y Gianni Lancia, son of the company founder Vincenzo, who chose this animal as the emblem of the Lancia racing team. This icon was again seen on the new Lancia Y in the various colours such as Blue, Red and Blue shades. The Elefantino has reappeared as new Ypsilon with 5-doors with unique qualities. The new Ypsilon Ecochic Methane is a rare automobile which combines the cost-effective and ecological benefits of methane fuel with the lively performance has been put on sale from January this year.

Lancia’s exhibition displays the first three models Voyager, Flavia and Thema stemming from the collaboration between the new Chrysler and the new Lancia.The Lancia Flavia with its four real seats is being accepted as the personification of open-air driving pleasure. It has a 170 HP 2.4 litre petrol engine and a six-speed automatic gearbox.

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