Affordable, Durable, And Flashy, iPhone Skins Are All The Rage

It’s strange to imagine, but just a few short years ago, owning an iPhone was a rare and enviable claim. No, the iPhone hasn’t fallen behind the times or become totally uncool; and it’s still a fantastic piece of craftsmanship positioned at the forefront of the smartphone market. Rather, it’s just become so popular (and relatively affordable) that just about everybody has one! All of the major telecom carriers are now offering thisubiquitous device, and even young children seem to have the latest and greatest Apple product in their pockets.

So with Apple now offering multiple colours, styles, and brands to select from, it's difficult to stand out from the crowd. And who doesn't like to stand out? 

One way to really stand out as an iPhone user is customization via an iPhone skin. There’s a host of skin options available for purchase online (from the convenience of your home or office), allowing you to easily modify and personalizeyour device— and these options also provide a little extra protection for your mobile investment. Of course, in any such market, there are bound to be vast differences in terms of quality from one company to the next, and making the wrong choice about which skin you select for your iPhone could not only leave you looking “so yesterday,” but could also potentially put your phone at risk.

The best iPhone skins (or decals) are made from high quality vinyl components, the standard setter of which is the Minnesota manufacturing conglomerate 3M. High quality vinyl means using only the finest components with the most rigorous production protocols. Durable, tough vinyl is especially resistant to wear and tear, so that your phone stays protected against drops, nicks, scratches, and light spills, and your devicestays looking sharp and clean. iPhone skins made from high quality vinyl also give your iPhone a little extra grip, which will protect your phone from slipping out of your hand (especially if you’re naturally a bit clumsy).

More and more people are abandoning cases to protect their iPhones, as cases come with a few undeniable drawbacks.First, they’re rarely able to prevent damage from a fall that would be enough to damage an unprotected phone, so the best way to protect your phone is to prevent it from falling in the first place. Vinyl skins, which fit more snuggly to the device, offer a closer grip, and thus more preventive assurance. Moreover, once a skin is appropriately placed on an iPhone, there’s no risk of particulates (small airborne particles that can scratch and damage your device) sneaking underneath. This isn’t true with cases, where one tiny pebble wedged in the wrong place can wreak havoc on the finish.

And let's be honest: cases obliterate the form factor of the iPhone, reducing it from eye-candy to an eyesore. Skins are cheaper, too, which means they can be easily (and economically) replaced when you decide it’s time for a new look. Vendors like dbrand (and others that offer the best gadget skins online) will even offer their customers interactive tools that allow them to customize and preview new skins online before placing an order, meaning near limitless customization options. In particular, dbrand and other similar next-level skin providers offer an incredible range of colours, finishes, textures, and possibilities, allowing you to find a look that’s perfectly suited to your interests, hobbies, lifestyle, or occupation. 

Investing in a skin (or a number of them) can truly allow your personality to shine through. Let go of the case and embrace this thin, durable, and ultimately stylish product if you want the best in smartphone protection!


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