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Pakistan: Sharifs hit Guinness Book of World record

Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty. Plato

In the modern 21st century when miracles in technological field happen with a speed, Pakistan, it seems, is the only country on the face of earth performing outstanding feats perhaps unmatched anywhere in the world. A country prone to controversies, uncertainties and internal squabbles endangering country´s security, on international level is considered nothing unusual.

The governments installed through NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) or by design with the help of internationally known vested interest political partners pumping in money and resources make Pakistan’s ´democracy´ work in tandem with the power usurped allowing corrupt affluent elite rule the country by turns. The embedded Jialay (bully brigades mafia) culture manages to keep ruling elite in power as the latter provides money and political support to former to allow put government machinery under their thumb to virtually dictate wielding absolute power.

"Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz broke all records of Guinness Book by taking Pakistan´s innocent public for a ride enacting drama using fake judges of a western country origin to watch Pakistani youth perform". (Reports leading newspaper Nation, April 05, 2014) As reported six billion Pakistani Rupees were spent on the youth festival and towards a purported FEE paid to Guinness which turned out a lie and a fabrication to hush up the money swindled of the government exchequer. Imran Khan´s (PTI) Pakistan Tehreek Insaf political party demanded a probe to investigate the fraud played by the ruling government of Sharif Brothers at the centre and the state of Punjab. The hapless populace wondered trying to analyse and understand the bent of mind of their rulers.

The media section of Guinness Book when contacted denied having any connection with the officials claimed by Sharif family as representing Guinness Book and refuted having any knowledge of such an event. The Guinness Team, as reported, in an email informed a local TV channel that the judges witnessing 28 different records were not members of the Guinness Book of World Records and not connected with it whatsoever. The junior Sharif´s government in Punjab in a brazen manner organised such a big event involving youth, children and their parents to proclaim how wonderfully the nation was performing. The huge amounts of money thus used as a populist measure could have been spent on saving the lives of thousands of people recently died of starvation in forgotten area of Tharparkar. The bewildered innocent Pakistani public unable to stand up before a formidable might of family rule, based on feudal supremacy, regretted they were made look like a bunch of morons or imbeciles.

The analysis made for a glaring difference between Zardaris and Sharifs reveals that the former strictly consider accumulating wealth using political power to safeguard whatever is put away safely in Swiss banks or real estate investment like the palace in Surrey County of United Kingdom and the latter apart from money making, investing money amassed through corruption in big businesses internationally, are hungry about absolute power reminiscent of Mogul kings who ruled India for hundreds of years.

Nawaz Sharif in his third term as Prime Minister, many believe, is repeating the history and compulsively heading for confrontation with his own army. The political atmosphere in Pakistan is charged up as pro-army and anti-army divide is growing and people who understand the repercussions and fallout keep their fingers crossed. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif´s deliberations for peace with Pakistani Taliban who are hell-bent on introducing their brand of Islam using the barrel of gun does not go very well with Pakistan´s majority who consider these marauding gunmen responsible for killing thousands of their army men, civilians and destruction of property worth billions.

One of the richest men in the world, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif lives in a massive 17 acres Raiwand house which apart from his family is home to the live-stock of wild animals generally of cat family and other species looked after by an army of employees on permanent basis. Ibin Live reported that recently Pakistani administration suspended three policemen after one of the cats in Prime Minister´s residential farm made feast of a peacock. The report said that twenty one policemen on duty were summoned and out of the lot eighteen were cleared and three were suspended from duty as punishment. The massive residential accommodation also has stuffed animals like Lions, Tigers and leopards on display in utter disregard for animal rights flouting international regulations to safeguard endangered species.

In the past few days kitchen cabinet ministers of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, unhappy with army protecting their ex-army general from being humiliated on trumped up charges with serious consequences, blew the top and ridiculed their army ad infinitum on the floor of Pakistan´s parliament. It rang alarm bells in the army ranks, too much to be swallowed as for the last six years army followed a policy of non-interference ignoring the miss-governance, nepotism, corruption on a large scale and inefficient approach to handle widespread terrorism. In this context, one line statement by army Chief Raheel Sharief was more than enough to send ripples and convey a message loud and clear. The saner elements of the political circles believe that army Chief´s statement was timely as the intended warning seems to have given a jolt to concerned quarters to act sensibly before it is too late.

Ex-President and army chief Pervez Musharraf facing a stage-managed trial, as believed in political circles, is nothing but a return favour to the quarters on international level for billions invested in the last election to put Nawaz Sharif in the Prime Minister’s seat. The rigged election snatched an opportunity for Imran Khan to win hands down and head the government in Pakistan and many believe will now be a distant dream for cricketer politician for a long time to come.


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